Late-breaking Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary II (posters)


GLP-1 Metabolite Does Not Signal through the IGF-I Receptor in Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts
Julie M Carroll, Ashley White and Charles T Roberts Jr.


Latest Results from the Patro Adults Study of Omnitrope® for the Treatment of Adult Patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency
Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Charlotte Höybye, Robert D Murray, Suat Simsek, Alfonso Leal-Cerro, Markus Zabransky and Günter K. Stalla



Microarray Analysis in Cushing's Disease Reveals Differential Gene Expression Between Invasive and Non-Invasive Pituitary Corticotropinomas
Leonardo Tadeu Araújo, Ericka Barbosa Trarbach, Marcio Carlos Machado, Marcello D Bronstein, Antonio M Lerario and Maria Candida B V Fragoso


The Effects of TV-1106, a Once-Weekly Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency on IGF-1 Concentrations
Orit Cohen-Barak, Anat Sakov, Michelle Rasamoelisolo, Merav Bassan, Kurt Brown, Kathleen Butler, Ofer Spiegelstein and Nurit Ashkenazi


Androgens Mediate Sex-Differences in Gene Expression within the Fetal Anterior Pituitary Gland
Kellie M Breen, Michael J Kreisman, Christopher I Song and Kathleen Yip



Generation of GnRH-Secreting Neurons from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Hataiwan Chokechuwattanalert, Carina Lund, Kristiina Pulli, Venkatram Yellapragada, Paolo Giacobini, Karolina Lundin, Sanna Vuoristo, Timo Tuuri, Parinya Noisa and Taneli Raivio


Crispr-Induced Genetic Manipulations to C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Transcripts in Danio Rerio (Zebrafish) Larvae Results in Impaired Growth and Development
Andrew James Lessey, Samantha Mary Mirczuk, Jordan Elise Read, Stijn J Niessen, Imelda Mary McGonnell and Robert C Fowkes


Effects of Aging on Cognition, Mesocorticolimbic Dopamine System, and Testosterone in Male Rats
Ryan J Tomm, Cathy Q Ma, Maric T Tse, Maddie M Grist, Katelyn L Low, Daniel J Tobiansky, Stan B Floresco and Kiran K Soma