Late-breaking Obesity, Adipocyte Biology and Appetite I (posters)


Critical Illness Induces a Dynamic Lipolytic Response Unexplained By Macronutrient Restriction Only
Chloë Goossens, Steven E Thiessen, Sarah Derde, Marc Jenniskens, Greet Van den Berghe and Lies Langouche


GPR30-Mediated Anorexigenic Effect May Overcome Leptin Resistance
Obin Kwon, Min-Seon Kim, Young Kee Shong and Chul Hoon Kim


Estradiol and Diet Alter the Gut Microbiome in Female Mice
Priyanka Ram, Manjot K Nagyal, Xing Gao, Elizabeth P. Bless, Vanja Klepac-Ceraj and Marc J Tetel