Late-breaking Diabetes & Glucose Metabolism II (posters)


28-Day Continuous Glucose Profiles Via Implantable Telemetry in Mice
Robert V Brockway, Kimberly L Holliday-White, Heather M Bogie, Kathryn E Lillegard and Justin Van Hee


Association Between Increased Soluble Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor- Κβ Ligand in Subjects with Prediabetes
Gokcen Kocabas, Mehmet Yavuz, Mehmet Calan, Belma Gokcen, Murat Aksit, Giray Bozkaya and Oktay Bilgir


Why Technology Use Fades in a Real World Setting
Eun Kyung Koh and Dace Trence


Is Higher Glycemic Variability in Type 2 Diabetes Patients Associated with Reduced Quality of Life?
Wendela de Ranitz-Greven, Joline Beulens, Douwe Biesma, Bianca Silvius, Marloes Bons and Harold Wessel De Valk


Differences of Glycolysis in Septic Patients According to Shock Resolution Status
Ioannis Ilias, Sofia Apollonatou, Nikitas Nikitas, Maria Theodorakopoulou, Frantzeska Frantzeskaki, Dimitra Vasiliadi and Ioanna Dimopoulou



Assessing the Efficacy of A1C, Fructosamine and Glycated Albumin in Detecting Abnormal Glucose Tolerance: The Africans in America Study
Michelle T Duong, Caroline K Thoreson, Stephanie T Chung, Paola C Aldana, Madia Ricks, Lilian Mabundo, David Barry Sacks and Anne E Sumner


Predicting Autoimmune Diabetes in Minority Diabetic Populations
Kristina Djekic, Yang Lu, Pauline Genter, Yii-Der Ida Chen, Jerome Rotter and Eli Ipp


A Novel Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes By Regulating Liver, Spleen and Kidney Together
Sihua Gao, Dandan Zhao, Xiaoke Li, Xin Fang, Qianqian Mu, Fangfang Mo and Dongwei Zhang


Change in Glycemic Control in Youth with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM):  Search for Diabetes in Youth and Prospective Diabetes Follow-up Registry (DPV) Cohorts
Catherine Pihoker, Dana M Dabelea, Daniel P Beavers, Jean M Lawrence, Thomas Meissner, Thomas Michael Kapellen, Thomas Reinehr, Edith Schober, Susanna Wiegand, Maria Fritsch and Reinhard W. Holl


In silico Clones of Cardiovascular Surgical Patients: A First Step Toward Simulation-Based Insulin Protocol Optimization for This Patient Population
Anthony L. McCall, E. Andy Ortiz, Jennifer Mason Lobo, Leon S Farhy, Jennifer L. Kirby, James M. Isbell and Stephen D. Patek


Sitagliptin Reduces Markers of Inflammation and Chronic Immune Cell Activation in HIV+ Adults with Glucose Intolerance
Conor Best, Heidi Struthers, Erin Laciny, Paige Kuhlman, Mark A Ziegler, Michael Royal, Dominic Nicholas Reeds and Kevin Edward Yarasheski