Late-breaking Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals & Gene Regulation (posters)


Bisphenol a Exposure and Incident Diabetes: A Prospective Study
Yufang Bi, Weiqing Wang, Tiange Wang, Min Xu, Jieli Lu, Yu Xu and Guang Ning


Characterization of GPR101 Expression Across Different Species
Giampaolo Trivellin, Ivana Bjelobaba, Adrian F Daly, Albert Thiry, Chiara Villa, Darwin Omar Larco, Leticia F. Leal, Fabio R Faucz, Marie Helene Schernthaner-Reiter, Martha M Quezado, William E. Farrell, T John Wu, Stanko S Stojilkovic, Benjamin Feldman, Albert Beckers and Constantine A Stratakis


Hazard Potential of Di-Isobutyl Phthalate (DIBP)
Susan Euling, Todd Blessinger, Glinda Cooper, Matt Lorber and Linda Phillips


Increased Urinary Levels of Non-Persistent Endocrine Disruptors in Carriers of the Filaggrin Gene Null Mutation
Anna-Maria Andersson, Ulla Nordström Joensen, Jacob Pontoppidan Thyssen, Niels Jørgensen and Hanne Frederiksen


Endocrine Dysfunctions in Adult Offspring Whose Mothers Were Exposed to Bisphenol a during Lactation
Elaine de Oliveira, Ana Paula Santos Silva, Cintia Rodrigues Pinheiro, Jessica Lopes Nobre, Egberto Gaspar Moura and Patricia C Lisboa