Neuroendocrinology (posters) (posters)

FRI 478

Tissue-Specific Effects of Oxytocin on Mitochondrial Bioenergetics
Yolanda M. Foster, Felicia Yan, Zhe Zhang and Shana E. McCormack

FRI 479

Serotonin Increases Kisspeptin Secretion in Immortalized Hypothalamic RF-Amide-Related Peptide Neurons
Haluk Kelestimur, Gokcen Ozdemir, Ozgur Bulmus, Sinan Canpolat and Mete Ozcan

FRI 480

DAT Neurons in the Pmv Are Responsive to Metabolic and Sex Steroid Cues
Nicole H Bellefontaine, Margaret B Allison, Martin Grosvenor Myers Jr., David Garcia Galiano and Carol F Elias

FRI 484

Phenotypic Identification of Kappa Opioid Receptor-Containing Neurons in the Ovine Arcuate Nucleus
Peyton Wood Weems, Robert L. Goodman, Lique M Coolen and Michael N Lehman

FRI 486

Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Inhibitor Exerts Better Neuroprotection Than Calories Restriction By Attenuating Mitochondrial Dysfunction Impaired By Obese-Insulin Resistance in Rats
Hiranya Pintana, Pongpan Tanajak, Wasana Pratchayasakul, Piangkwan Sa-nguanmoo, Titikorn Chunchai, Pattarapong Satjaritanun, Linlada Leelarphat, Nipon Chattipakorn and Siriporn C Chattipakorn

FRI 487

Dramatic Extension of CA3 Apical Dendritic Length Accompanies Mossy Fiber Expansion and Spine Loss in Orchidectomized Male Rats
Ari Loren Mendell, Sarah Atwi, Craig D.C. Bailey, Dan McCloskey, Helen Edith Scharfman and Neil James MacLusky

FRI 491

Retinoids and Glucocorticoids Target Actin Cytoskeleton Remodelling in Hippocampal HT22 Cells
Julie Brossaud, Hélène Roumes, Aloïs Lemelletier, Marie-Pierre Moisan, Véronique Pallet, Anabelle Redonnet and Jean-Benoit Corcuff

FRI 492

11 β-Hydroxysteroid-Deshydrogenase Activity in HT22 Neuronal and BV2 Glial Cell Lines
Julie Brossaud, Emilie Leprovost, Nina Franzoni, Dominique Ducint and Jean-Benoit Corcuff

FRI 493

FRI 494

A New Radioligand Identifies CART Binding Sites in Multiple Cells and Tissues
Marilyn H Perrin, Kathy A. Lewis, Joan M Vaughan, Judit Erchegyi, Charleen Miller, Jean E F Rivier and Paul E Sawchenko