Disorders of Phosphate Metabolism and Metabolic Bone Disease


Serum Phosphate Levels Are Related to All-Cause, Cardiovascular and COPD Mortality in Men: The Rotterdam Study
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Longitudinal Study of Renal Function in Adults with X-Linked Hypophosphatemia and  Nephrocalcinosis Acquired in Childhood during Treatment with Calcitriol and Inorganic Phosphate
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Randomized, Open-Label, Dose-Finding, Phase 2 Study of KRN23, a Human Monoclonal Anti-FGF23 Antibody, in Children with X-Linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH)
Thomas O Carpenter, Erik Imel, Annemieke Boot, Wolfgang Högler, Agnes Linglart, Raja Padidela, William van't Hoff, Michael P. Whyte, Yi Zhou, Alison Skrinar, Javier San Martin and Anthony A Portale


Increased Salivary Cortisol Nadir Is Associated with a Low Trabecular Bone Score and Increased Vertebral Fractures Prevalence in Post-Menopausal Women in the Population Cohort Osteolaus
Elena Gonzalez Rodriguez, Olivier Lamy, Delphine Stoll, Martin Preisig, Peter Vollenweider, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Gerard Waeber, Bérengère Aubry-Rozier and Didier Hans