Metabolic and Genetic Bone Disorders


Progressive Development of PTH Resistance in Patients with Maternal GNAS Coding Inactivating Mutations
Alessia Usardi, Asmaa Mamoune, Elodie Nattes, Anya Rothenbuhler and Agnes Linglart


Efficacy and Safety of Asfotase Alfa in Patients with Infantile Hypophosphatasia Treated for up to 3.5 Years: Results from a Phase II, Open-Label, Uncontrolled Study
Johannes Liese, Christine Hofmann, Paul Harmatz, Gerard Vockley, Hui Zhang, Kenji Fujita and Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg


Serum Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio (Ca/P) As a Simple, Inexpensive Screening Tool in the Diagnosis of Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT)
Bruno Madeo, Elda Kara, Katia Cioni Cioni, Silvia Vezzani, Manuela Simoni and Vincenzo Rochira