New Players in the Regulation of Bone Mass


Inhibition of Salt Inducible Kinases Plays a Major Role in PTH Action in Osteocytes
Marc Nathan Wein, Yanke Liang, Olga Goransson, Elizabeth A Williams, Nicolas Govea, Paola Pajevic Divieti, Nathanael Gray and Henry M Kronenberg


Regulation of FGF23 Production and Vitamin D Metabolism By the Action of the Extra-Long Gsα Variant XLαs in Bone
Qing He, Cumhur Aydin, Marc Nathan Wein, Jordan M Spatz, Regina Goetz, Moosa Mohammadi, Antonius Plagge, Paola Divieti Pajevic and Murat Bastepe


The rs700518 Polymorphism of the CYP19A1 Aromatase Gene Is Associated with Differences in the Musculoskeletal Response to Testosterone Therapy in Men with Hypogonadism
Lina E Aguirre, Georgia Colleluori, Richard I Dorin, David N Robbins, Clifford R. Qualls, Dennis Tan Villareal and Reina Condevillamar Villareal


Identification of a Novel G-Protein Alpha 11 (Gα11) Mutation, Val340Met, By Whole Exome Sequencing in a Family with Hypoparathyroidism and Keratoconus
Sian E Piret, Caroline M Gorvin, Alistair T Pagnamenta, Sarah A Howles, Treena Cranston, Nigel Rust, M Andrew Nesbit, Fadil M Hannan, Benjamin Glaser, Jenny C Taylor, Andreas Emanuel Buchs and Rajesh V Thakker