Diabetes Programing - Genes and Gestation


Telomere Length in the Off-Spring of Mothers with Gestational and Pre-Gestational Diabetes
Christopher Paul Gilfillan, Fadwa Hassan, Florence Gunawan, Pei Tian and Ngaire Elwood


Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: The Impact of Different Treatment Targets at Two Major Australian Maternity Services
Sally K. Abell, Jacqueline Boyle, Alison Nankervis, Sanjeeva Ranasinha, Georgia Soldatos, Euan Morrison Wallace, Sophia Zoungas and Helena J. Teede


C19MC miRNA Signatures of Placenta-Derived Exosomes in Women Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Dareen Almohammadi, Joseph Casper, Omar Elfeky, Christine Chang, Katherin Scholz-Romero, Sherri Longo, Gregory Duncombe, Gregory Rice and Carlos Salomon


Genetically Driven Hyperglycemia Increases Risk of Coronary Artery Disease Distinctly from Type 2 Diabetes
Jordi Merino, Aaron Leong, Josee Dupuis, Bianca Porneala, Daniel C Posner, Lluis Masana and Jose C Florez


Genetic Evidence That Insulin Secretion Modifies the Effect of Diet Composition on Weight
Christina Mills Astley, Jennifer N Todd, Yu-Han Hsu, Rany Salem, Nina Geidenstam, Cara Ebbeling, David S Ludwig, Jose C Florez and Joel N Hirschhorn