Insulin Signaling/Insulin Action and Pathopathology of Diabetes (posters) (posters)

SUN 700

Metabolic X Syndrome Is an AR-CAG Tract Disorder?
Carlos Alvarado, Lenore Katherine Beitel, Mona Alameldin, Miltiadis Paliouras and Mark Anthony Trifiro

SUN 701

Can Hyperglycemic Environment Prime Neonatal Immune System to Pro-Inflammatory Status?
Marina Epelman, Ellen Gurzenda, Xinhua Lin, Mina Botros, Nazeeh Hanna and Siham D Accacha

SUN 702

Adolescents with Prediabetes Lack Key Species By Quantitative, Core Gut Microbiome Analysis - a Case-Control Study
Charikleia Stefanaki, Athanasios Michos, Eleftheria Roma-Giannikou, Emilia Mantzou, George Paltoglou, Darryl Landis and Flora Bacopoulou

SUN 703

SUN 704

Sleep Restriction Attenuates Metabolic Memory Formation in Healthy Men
Georg Serfling, Jenny Backhaus, Bernd Schultes, Hendrik Lehnert and Sebastian Michael Schmid

SUN 705

Glucagon As a Predictor of Metformin's Effect in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Antigoni Z Lalia, Michele Schiavon, Claudio Cobelli, K. Sreekumaran Nair and Alice Y Chang

SUN 706

Intact Insulin and C-Peptide Levels Measured By Multiplexed Mass Spectrometry: Correlation with Fasting Glucose in Apparently Healthy Volunteers
Steven W. Taylor, Dov Shiffman, James J. Devlin, Richard E. Reitz, Nigel J. Clark and Michael J. McPhaul

SUN 707

Increased Hippocampal Activity after a Lifestyle Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes - Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor As a Potential Mediator
Andreas Stomby, Carl-Johan Boraxbekk, Julia Otten, Mats Ryberg, Lars Nyberg and Tommy Olsson

SUN 709

Adiponectin and Suppression of Free Fatty Acids By Oral Glucose in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Marie-Angela Schnyder, Oliver Tschopp, Mirjam Faulenbach, Peter Wiesli, Markus Hofer, Annette Boehler, Christian Benden and Christoph Schmid

SUN 710

Irisin Levels in Association with Insulin Resistance and Developing Type 2 Diabetes
Ayse Sahin Efe, Jagriti Upadhyay, Byung-Joon Ko, Fadime Dincer, Kyung Hee Park, Pantel Vokonas, Alexandra Migdal and Christos S. Mantzoros

SUN 711

The Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment and Tumor Characteristics
Genevieve Streb, Narjust Duma, Natasha Piracha, Sejal M. Kothadia, Miguel Gonzalez-Velez, Komal Patel and Nisha Suda

SUN 712

Cold-Induced Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue Acutely Improves Glucose Homeostasis in Healthy Men
Jenny Backhaus, Leonie Rademacher, Alexander Heiko Iwen, Maren Waltl, Melanie Noll, Martin Merkel, Hendrik Lehnert and Sebastian Michael Schmid

SUN 714

Demonstration of a Day-Night Rhythm in Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function
Dirk van Moorsel, Jan Hansen, Bastiaan Havekes, Frank Scheer, Bart Staels, Hélène Duez, Matthijs Hesselink, Nicolaas Schaper and Patrick Schrauwen

SUN 716

SUN 717

Factors Associated with the Presence and Severity of Diabetic Ketoacidosis at Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in Korean Children and Adolescents
Hye Jin Lee, HyeohWon Yu, Hae Woon Jung, Young Ah Lee, Jae Hyun Kim, Hye Rim Chung, Jae Ho Yoo, Eun Young Kim, Jeesuk Yu, Choong Ho Shin, Sei Won Yang and Seong Yong Lee

SUN 718

Disrupted Brain Network Associated with Plasma Glucose Concentration at High Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Obin Kwon, Dae-Jin Kim, Ji Hee Yu, Mi-Seon Shin, Yong-Wook Shin and Min-Seon Kim

SUN 719

Phosphorylation of Afadin By Insulin and Its Role in Human Adipocyte Biology
Morten Lundh, Farnaz Shamsi, TianLian Huang, Yu-Hua Tseng and Brice Emanuelli

SUN 720

Blood Glucose Fluctuations during Daily Activities and Stress Procedures in Cynomolgus Monkeys Monitored By Implanted Telemetry Device
Bingdi Wang, Guofeng Sun, Yongqiang Liu, Wei Qiao, Jiqiu Qiao, Weiwei Ye, Hui Wang, Xiaoli Wang, Yixin (Jim) Wang and Yong-Fu Xiao

SUN 723

A Pilot Study of Substrate Metabolism in Insulin Resistant Subjects Treated with Pegvisomant
Ada Ping Lee, Kathleen Mulligan, Morris Schambelan, Elizabeth J Murphy and Ethan James Weiss

SUN 724

A Diet High in Krill Oil Can Enhance Insulin-Stimulated Glucose Uptake Rat Soleus Muscle
Brian K Kinney, Ryan J Pettit-Mee, Jeremy H Blauser and Naveen Sharma

SUN 725

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Skeletal Muscle Via cAMP/PKA/CREB Pathway-Dependent Upregulation of Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 Expression
Min Kyong Moon, Shinje Moon, Sun Wook Cho, Ye An Kim, Do Joon Park, Ka Hee Yi, Kyong Soo Park and Young Joo Park

SUN 726

High Human Islet Yield with Recombinant Class I (rC1) and Class II (rC2) Collagenases in Combination with BP-Protease: Efficacy of a Low Dose of an Animal-Free Enzyme Mixture on Human Pancreas Digestion
Manikya Kuriti, Benjamin Tweed, Gopalakrishnan Loganathan, Micheal G Hughes, Stuart K Williams, Micheal L Green, Andrew G Breite, Francis E Dwulet, Robert C Mccarthy and A N Balamurugan

SUN 728

Peroxiredoxin 2 Deficiency Induces Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance in Mice
So-Young Park, Hye-Na Cha, Hae Jun Jo and Hyo Jeong Kim

SUN 729

Effect of Oligonucleotide IMT504 in Male and Female Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) Mice, a Model of Spontaneous Development of Autoimmune Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Stefania Bianchi, Alejandro Montaner, Norma Alejandra Chasseing, Milena Massimino, Dan Perez, Carlos Libertun, Victoria A Lux-Lantos and Maria Silvia Bianchi

SUN 730

Tmem127 Knockout Mice Are Protected Against Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance
Subramanya Srikantan, Yilun Deng, Anqi Luo, Yuejuan Qin, Qing Gao, Robert Reddick, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani and Patricia L Dahia

SUN 731

Functional Screening of Transcriptional Co-Factors for a Glucose-Responsive Transcriptional Factor Chrebp
Erika Noro, Atsushi Yokoyama, Naotaka Kogure, Kyoko Shimizu, Hiroki Shima, Kazuhiko Igarashi and Akira Sugawara

SUN 732

The Role of Central Insulin Resistance in Neuronal Synaptic Plasticity Associated with Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Chang Xue, Alizera Shirazian, Weikang Cai, C. Kahn and Emmanuel N. Pothos

SUN 735

In Depth Characterization of Multi-Target Ligand Effects on Beta Cell Function Reveal a New Mechanism Involved in Insulin Secretion
Noushafarin Khajavi, Gunnar Kleinau, Brian Finan, Timo Müller, Stefan Mergler, Richard D DiMarchi, Matthias H Tschöp and Heike Biebermann

SUN 736

SUN 737

SUN 738

Relationship Between Insulin and Somatostatin Secretory Response to Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) and Glucose Concentration in Perifused Rat Pancreatic Islet Cells
So Young Park, Kwang Sik Suh, You Jin Kim, In Jin Cho, Soo Min Hong, Sang Youl Rhee, Suk Chon, Yoo Chul Hwang, In-Kyung Jeong, Seungjoon Oh, Kyu Jeung Ahn, Ho-yeon Chung, Jeong-taek Woo and Sung-Woon Kim

SUN 739

Oligonucleotide IMT504 Impacts mRNA Expression of Hormones and Progenitor Cell Markers in Langerhans Islets
Maria Silvia Bianchi, Stefania Bianchi, Alejandro Montaner, Norma Alejandra Chasseing, Milena Massimino, Dan Perez, Carlos Libertun and Victoria A Lux-Lantos