Fresh Thoughts on Diabetes Treatment


Closed-Loop Glucagon Administration for the Automated Prevention and Treatment of Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes
Laya Ekhlaspour, Courtney Balliro, Firas H. El-Khatib, Debbie Mondesir, Manasi Sinha, Kendra L Magyar, Mallory Hillard, Lisa Dao and Steven Jon Russell


Diabetes Management and Outcomes of Islet Auto-Transplant after Total Pancreatectomy: Dartmouth Experience, Using Off-Site and Intra-Operative Islet Isolation
Sushela S Chaidarun, Kerrington D. Smith, David A. Axelrod, Avin P. Pothuloori, Saumya Saini, Muriel E. Ward, Evelyn L. Hanscom, Samuel J. Kesseli and Timothy B. Gardner


Intensive Lifestyle Intervention in Older Adults with Diabetes Improves Glycemic Control, Body Composition, Physical Function, and Bone Quality
Alessandra Celli, Dean Blevin, Yoan Barnouin, Georgia Colleluori, Reina Condevillamar Villareal and Dennis Tan Villareal


Bariatric Bypass Surgery Versus Sleeve with Ileal Transposition Surgery Versus Clinical Treatment in Obese Class I Patients with Diabetes
Ana Priscila Soggia, Marcelo Salem, Ricardo Abdalla, Luciana Neves, Andre Chiodi Elias, Thais P Sickler, Erika Bezerra Parente, Carlos Basualdo, Sandra Siqueira, Amanda Claro, Natalia Ribeiro, Gabrielle Torres, Jose Antonio Marcondes, Denise Duarte Iezzi and Claudia Kalil


Higher Early Insulin Exposure and Greater Early Glucose-Lowering Effect with Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart vs Insulin Aspart Across a Clinically Relevant Dose Range
Tim Heise, Kirstine Stender-Petersen, Ulrike Hövelmann, Jacob Bonde Jacobsen, Leszek Nosek, Eric Zijlstra and Hanne Haahr