Endocrine Healthcare Delivery and Education


Pituitary-Related Outcomes of Cranial Radiotherapy (cXRT) in Adults with Gliomas
Nikolaos Kyriakakis, Julie Lynch, Stephen Michael Orme, Georgina Gerrard, Paul Hatfield, Carmel Loughrey, Susan C Short and Robert D. Murray


Reliability and Validity of the Hypogonadism Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire (HIS-Q)
Heather L. Gelhorn, Ebony Dashiell-Aje, Michael Gregory Miller, Henri W Boodee, Leonard R. DeRogatis, Adrian S Dobs, Allen D Seftel, Stanley E. Althof, Meryl Brod and Dennis A. Revicki


Identification of Positive Deviants (High Performers) in Diabetes Care and Its Pitfalls
David C Aron, Brigid Wilson, Chin-lin Tseng, Orysya Soroka and Leonard Marshall Pogach


Improving Referrals to an Academic Endocrinology Clinic
Chase D Hendrickson and John N Mecchella II


Cretinism Despite Newborn Screening Due to Loss to Follow-up: Developing Preventative Measures through Quality Improvement
Kristal Anne Matlock, Christopher Alexander, Michelle Biery, Sarah Boyd, Sarah Dawn Corathers, Samantha Ellsworth, Sherry Elmore, Ann Planicka and Nana-Hawa Yayah Jones


Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Protocol to Reduce Postoperative Hypocalcemia after Parathyroidectomy for Renal Hyperparathyroidism
Hung Leng Kaan, Sabrina Haroon Wong, Horng Ruey Chua, Wee Boon Tan, Rajeev Parameswaran and Kee Yuan Ngiam