Endocrine Healthcare Delivery and Education (posters) (posters)

SUN 756

Assessment of Inpatient Glycemic Management after CABG in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Jordan Perlman, Darrell Nettlow, Bruno Cardoso, Ruth Mickey, Alan Howard, Sree Susmitha Garapati and Matthew P. Gilbert

SUN 757

SUN 760

Health Literacy and Diabetic Patient Reported Outcomes of Insulin Use in an Inner City Urban Community Teaching Hospital
Neil Allen Pasco, Uri Goldberg, Abhijit Kasinadhuni, Salman Khan and Kurt S Kodroff

SUN 761

Wearable Devices and Diabetes: Internet Survey
Victor Chen, Vidhya Gunasekaran, Jullian Nguyen, Victoria Phan, Shelby Muchamuel, Ivy Kim and Gloria Wu

SUN 762

Impact of the Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) Program on Diabetes Prevention in the Military Health System
Richard Price Davis, Mark Windell True, Jack Edward Lewi, Tom J Sauerwein and Jana Wardian

SUN 763

Barefoot Bandit: Improving Documentation of Diabetic Foot Examination in a University-Based Teaching Outpatient Clinic through a Simple Screening Technique
Shawhin Karimi, Andrea George, Mandeep Singh, Umar Ahmad, Yashasvin Mogalla, Mehrshid Kiazand and Lauren A. Willard

SUN 765

Metabolic Syndrome: Awareness Via Internet Survey
Vidhya Gunasekaran, Jullian Nguyen, Victor Chen, Andrew Martinez, Gary Wan, Byongdo Kim and Gloria Wu

SUN 768

Evaluation of Osteoporosis in Patients Admitted with Fragility Fractures at the Lankenau Medical Center
Jad G Sfeir, Kristie M Smith, William D Surkis, Deebeanne M Tavani and Rita J El-Hajj

SUN 769

Costs of Electronic Endocrine Consultations at an Academic VA Medical Center
Amanda J Stevens, Anne C Kitchens, Amale A Lteif, Ryan M Kuster and James P Walsh

SUN 770

Emergence of Electronic Consultations (e-consults) in Endocrinology at Two VA Medical Centers
Varsha Vimalananda, Eun Ji Kim, Gouri Gupte, Jay Orlander, Judith Strymish, Dan Berlowitz and Steven Simon