GPCRs, Growth Factors and Inhibins - Mechanisms, Genetics and Drug Discovery


Genetic Versus Environmental Associations Between IGF-I and Insulin Resistance
Rikke Beck Jensen, Thomas Scheike, G.N. Ajay Thankamony, David B. Dunger, Steven W.J. Lamberts, Allan Vaag and Pernille Poulsen


The Large Variant of the Stimulatory G Protein Alpha-Subunit XLαs Regulates Endocytosis through Interactions with Sorting Nexin 9 and Dynamins
Qing He, Richard Bouley, Zun Liu, Marc Nathan Wein, Yan Zhu, Jordan M Spatz, Paola Divieti Pajevic, Antonius Plagge and Murat Bastepe


Mouse with an Activating G Protein Alpha 11 Mutation, Ile63Val, Has Phenotype Consistent with Autosomal Dominant Hypocalcaemia Type 2 (ADH2)
Sarah A Howles, Valerie N Babinsky, Sian E Piret, Fadil M Hannan, Angela Rogers, Nigel Rust, Michelle Stewart, Tertius A Hough, M Andrew Nesbit, Sara Wells, Roger D Cox and Rajesh V Thakker


Generation of Potent Inhibin Analogues in the Absence of Activins
Kelly Louise Walton, Emily K Kelly, Katharine Elizabeth Johnson, David Mark Robertson and Craig Anthony Harrison


Small Molecule Agonists of Relaxin Receptor
Alexander I Agoulnik, Xin Hu, Irina U Agoulnik, Zaohua Huang, Courtney Myhr, Brian A Ho, Elena Barnaeva, Jingbo Xiao, Marc Ferrer, Noel T. Southall and Juan J. Marugan