GnRH & Gonadotroph Biology and Signaling (posters) (posters)

SAT 504

Severe Subfertility in a New Model of Gonadotrope Leptin Resistance: Potential Mechanisms of Post-Transcriptional Control of Gnrhr By Leptin
Angela K. Odle, Melody Lyn Allensworth, Anessa C. Haney, Angus M. MacNicol, Melanie C. MacNicol and Gwen V. Childs

SAT 505

SAT 506

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Stimulates Histone Citrullination to Mediate Lhβ Expression in Gonadotrope Cells
Shaihla Amin Khan, Coleman Young, John Diller, Paul R Thompson, Kenneth L Jones, Brian D Cherrington and Amy Marie Navratil

SAT 508

Members of Nr4a Nuclear Orphan Receptor Family Are Immediate Early Genes Regulated Differentially By Varying GnRH Pulse Frequencies
Iain R. Thompson, George A. Stamatiades, Rucheng Zhang, Rona S. Carroll and Ursula B. Kaiser

SAT 509

GnRH-(1-5) Inhibits TGF-Beta Signaling to Regulate the Migration of Immortalized GnRH Neurons
Darwin Omar Larco, Madelaine J Cho-Clark, Bradly M Bauman, Shailaja K Mani and T John Wu

SAT 510

Disruption of Astroglial to GnRH-Neuronal Signaling Results in Impaired Reproductive Function
Sabine Heger, Hanna Moeller, Johanna Ernst and Manuel Pfeifer

SAT 511

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Alters the Transcriptional Profile of GnRH-Producing GT1-7 Cells
Noah J. Levi, Jared R. Santana, Zachery R. Campbell and Heidi E. Walsh

SAT 512

Quantifying Information Transfer Via Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Receptors to ERK and NFAT
Kathryn L Garner, Rebecca M Perrett, Margaritis Voliotis, Thanh Pham, Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova and Craig A. McArdle

SAT 514

Fine Mapping the Gonadotrope GnRH Response Landscape
Frederique Murielle Ruf-Zamojski, Esther Stern, German Nudelman, Judith L Turgeon, Fernand Hayot and Stuart C. Sealfon

SAT 515

Androgen Receptor Regulation of GnRH Receptor in Male Pituitary Gonadotropes
Genevieve E Ryan, Shadi Shojaei, Emily A Witham, Jason D Meadows, Varykina G. Thackray and Pamela L Mellon

SAT 516

Mammalian Type II GnRH Receptor Inhibits Cell Proliferation
Arieh Anthony Katz, Vinayak Bhardwaj, Sabina Wansleben and Sharon Prince

SAT 517

Cytokine Regulation of GnRH Expression
Nancy Lainez and Djurdjica Coss

SAT 518

Investigating the Effect of Psychosocial Stress on the Estradiol-Induced LH Surge in Female Mice
Kellie M Breen, Michael J Kreisman, Sharon Chaing, Christopher I Song and Alexander S Kauffman

SAT 519

Calcium-Dependent Exocytosis in GnRH Neurons Is Required for Sexual Maturation and Body Weight Homeostasis but Not Hypothalamic Targeting in Female Mice
Charlotte Vanacker, Manon Duquenne, Andrea Messina, Danièle Mazur, Erik Hrabovszky, Frank Pfrieger, Paolo Giacobini and Vincent Prevot

SAT 520

The Gonadotroph-Vascular Unit and Its Role in the Build-up of LH Pulses
Ombeline Hoa, Chrystel Lafont, Anne Guillou, Patrick Samper, Pierre Fontanaud and Patrice E Mollard

SAT 521

SAT 522

Testing the ″Critical Window″ Hypothesis of Estradiol Replacement Using a Rat Model of Menopause: Pituitary Gene Expression
Kelsey Bezner, Weiling Yin, Atlantys R Carroll, Alexandra N Garcia and Andrea C Gore