Different Perspectives on a Common Syndrome: Research on PCOS


­Identification of Rare and Deleterious Small Variants in Families Affected By Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Matthew Dapas, Ryan Sisk, Margrit Urbanek, Andrea Dunaif and M. Geoffrey Hayes


Body Mass Index (BMI) Influences Outcome of Premature Adrenarche
Christine March and Selma Feldman Witchel


Impact of Chronic Hyperandrogenemia and Western-Style Diet on Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism in Adolescent Female Rhesus Macaques
Carrie E. McCurdy, Cadence True, Diana Lynn Takahashi, Byron Hetrick, William Campodonico-Burnett, Oleg Varlamov and Charles T Roberts Jr.


Novel Loss-of-Function ESR1 Mutation Causing Familial Estrogen Resistance
Valerie Bernard, Sakina Kherra, Bruno Francou, Jérôme Fagart, Say Viengchareun, Jérôme Guechot, Asmahane Ladjouze, Anne Guiochon-Mantel, Nadine Binart, Marc Lombes and Sophie Christin-Maitre