Therapy of Pituitary Tumors


Effectiveness of First-Line Pegvisomant Monotherapy in Acromegaly - an Acrostudy Analysis
Nicholas A Tritos, Philippe Chanson, Camilo Jimenez, Donna King, Peter J. Jonsson, Anne Klibanski and Beverly M.K. Biller


Oral Octreotide Capsules Improve Acromegaly-Related Symptoms in Patients Transitioned from Injectable Octreotide or Lanreotide
Christian J Strasburger, Laurence Katznelson, Shlomo Melmed, Asi Haviv, Gary Patou and Nienke R. Biermasz


Radiotherapy, Especially at Young Age, Increases the Risk for De Novo Brain Tumors in Patients Treated for Pituitary Tumors
Pia Burman, André P. van Beek, Beverly M.K. Biller, Nina Camacho-Hubner and Anders F. Mattsson


Pasireotide in Nelson's Syndrome: A Prospective Trial
Eleni Daniel, Miguel Debono, Sharon Caunt, Constantine Girio-Fragkoulakis, Scott Alexander Akker, Ashley B. Grossman, Peter J. Trainer and John Newell-Price