Prolactin, TSH, Gonadotroph, and Non-functioning Tumors (posters) (posters)

SUN 476

Pituitary Macroincidentaloma
Antonio Selman-Geara, Antonio Selman-Geara, Arnaldo Espaillat-Matos, Antonio Selman-Almonte, Antoine Selman-Fermin, Pedro Roa-Sanchez and Jose M. Paliza

SUN 477

SUN 478

A Challenging Case of a Recurrent Silent Corticotroph Adenoma
Joseph Michael Shulan, Sheela Metgud, Yuval Eisenberg and Tahira Yasmeen

SUN 479

Predictors for Secondary Intervention in Surgically-Resected Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenoma
Jeyakantha Ratnasingam, Nele Fanchon Lenders, Benjamin Ong, Samuel Boros, Anthony Russell, Warrick J Inder and Ken Ho

SUN 480

Enlarging Pituitary Non-Functioning Macroadenoma  -- No Surgery?
Ifrah Jamil, Boby G Theckedath, Alvia Moid and Janice L Gilden

SUN 481

The Safety of Withholding Peri-Operative Glucocorticoids in Patients Undergoing Transsphenoidal Resection of Pituitary Adenomas or Cysts
Karin Sterl, Bithika Thompson, Charles W Goss, Stacy Hurst, Gregory J Zipfel, Michael R Chicoine, Ralph G Dacey, Keith M Rich, Albert H Kim, Clay F Semenkovich and Julie M Silverstein

SUN 483

Dopamine Agonists Can Reduce Cystic Prolactinomas
Alexander Terence Faje, Paweena Chunharojrith, Beverly M.K. Biller, Brooke Swearingen and Anne Klibanski

SUN 484

Cannabidiol Use Leading to Regression of a Pituitary Macroadenoma!
Anar Modi, Alan R. Turtz, Gregory J. Kubicek and Farah Hena Morgan

SUN 486

Hyperprolactinemia Associated with Uterine Giant Myoma
Suleyman Nahit Sendur, Fatih Aktoz, Alp Usubutun, Selcuk Tuncer and Tomris Erbas

SUN 487

ACTH Staining As a Predictor for Retreatment in Silent Corticotroph Adenomas (ASPiReS-CA)
Kelsey Barr, David Arthur Pillinger, C Ryan Miller, Yehong Wan and Julie Lund Sharpless

SUN 488

Natural History of Incidentally Identified Pituitary Microadenomas in Children
Vidhu V Thaker, Adrianne Lage and Laurie E. Cohen

SUN 489

TSH-Producing Adenoma in a Patient with Lithium-Induced Hypothyroidism
Shruti Bhandari, Stanley Chen Cardenas and Esther Irina Krug

SUN 490

A Case of Aggressive Macroprolactinoma in Pregnancy
Neeraja J Boddu, Elena Ambrogini and Fred Faas

SUN 491

Mega-Giant Prolactinomas: A Large Cohort of Massive and Aggressive Pituitary Adenomas
Ilan Shimon, Ernesto Sosa, Victoria Mendoza, Yona Greenman, Amit Tirosh, Vera Popovic, Andrea Glezer, Marcello D Bronstein and Moises Mercado

SUN 492

Prevalence of Clinically Silent Corticotroph Macroadenomas
Katie B Guttenberg, Sarah E Mayson, Carla Sawan, Julia Kharlip, John Y Lee, Maria Martinez-Lage, Laurie A Loevner, Jayme Ewanichak, M. Sean Grady and Peter J Snyder

SUN 493

Giant Prolactinoma - a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge
Praveen kumar G, Alok Sachan, Suresh V, Lakshmi A.Y and Ramesh Chandra V.V

SUN 495

Endocrine Indications for Neurosurgically Resistant Prolactinomas
Anis Zand Irani and Peter Michael Davoren

SUN 496

The Role of Somatostatin Analog As a First-Line Therapy in TSH-Secreting Adenomas
Cecilia Kauffman Rutenberg Feder, Paula Vieira Freire, Cristal Peters Cabral, Marcelo Scomparin Said Monteiro, Nilza Maria Scalissi, Adriano Namo Cury, Jose Viana Junior and Cristina BELLOTTI FORMIGA Bueno

SUN 497

Persistent Hyperprolactinemia and Breast Keloids
Naimah Alfaraj and Eric S Nylen

SUN 498

Conflicting Therapies: Management of a Patient with Concurrent Diagnosis of Schizophrenia and Prolactinoma
Muhammad Shaharyar Siddiqui, Perihan Dimachkie, Courtney Lane and Ildiko Lingvay

SUN 501

Cabergoline Induced Psychosis in a Patient with a Prolactin Secreting Pituitary Microadenoma
Jose Gonzalo Sanchez, Eliud Sifonte and Aida Hippolyte Saliby