Nuclear Receptors and Co-Regulators in Health and Disease


The Skeletal Muscle Circadian Clock Is Required for Metabolic Fuel Oxidation and Partition
Somik Chatterjee, Hongshan Yin, Ji M Kim, Zhe Fang, David L Nelson and Ke Ma


Cross-Talk Between Estrogen Receptors and Insulin-like Growth Factor Type-1 Receptor Modulates Human Prostate Stem/Progenitor Cell Amplification
Jaqueline de Carvalho Rinaldi, Wen Yang Hu, Shyama Majumdar, Dan Ping Hu, Lishi Xie, Timothy Gauntner, Susan Kasper, Luis Antonio Justulin and Gail S. Prins


High Fat Diet-Induced Remodeling of Pparγ Binding Sites in Mouse White Adipose Tissue
Raymond E Soccio, Hee-Woong Lim, Eric R Chen, Joanna R Dispirito, Satyajit R Rajapurkar, Erika R Briggs, Shannon E Mullican, David J Steger, Kyoung Jae Won and Mitchell A Lazar