Nuclear Receptors and Co-Regulators in Health and Disease (posters) (posters)

FRI 203

Transcriptomine: A Bench Scientist's Free Data Analysis and Visualization Portal into Tissue-Specific Nuclear Receptor Signaling Expression Profiling Datasets
Scott Andrew Ochsner, Yolanda Darlington, Wasula Kankanamge, Apollo McOwiti, Alexey Naumov, Lauren Becnel and Neil McKenna

FRI 208

Age-Associated Changes in Estrogen Receptor Expression Promotes Papillary Thyroid Cancer in Women
Gustavo A Rubio, Paola Catanuto, John I Lew and Sharon Jill Elliot

FRI 209

Dysregulation of Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancer CELLS
Carolyn M Klinge, Brandie N. Radde and Bradford G. Hill

FRI 213

Expression of the Estrogen Receptors in the Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer Cell DU-145
Deborah Souza, Ana Paola G Lombardi, Maria Fatima Magalhaes Lazari, Thais FG Lucas and Catarina Segreti Porto

FRI 217

Expression of the Y537S ESR1 Mutant in ER-Positive Cells Induces AR Overexpression
Yassine Rechoum, Guowei Gu, Luca Gelsomino, Arnoldo Corona-Rodriguez, Nancy L Weigel and Suzanne A Fuqua

FRI 219

Exploring the Mutator Phenotype in Prostate Cancer
Miltiadis Paliouras, Paresa Giannopoulos and Mark Anthony Trifiro

FRI 220

Therapeutic Implications of Retinoblastoma Protein Mediated Androgen Receptor Tumor Suppressor Function in Prostate Cancer
Wanting Han, Shuai Gao, Dong Han, Kevin Valencia, Steven Paul Balk and Changmeng Cai

FRI 221

Rb Recruitment By Androgen Receptor in Mediating Transcriptional Repression of DNA Synthesis in Prostate Cancer Cells
Dong Han, Kevin Valencia, Shuai Gao, Housheng He, Steven Paul Balk and Changmeng Cai

FRI 222

Androgen Receptor Splice Variants in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: The Role of NF-Kb
Anees Milud Dauki, Surafel Getaneh and Christopher Charles Coss

FRI 223

Peptidyl-Prolyl Cis-Trans Isomerase Pin1 Regulates the Androgen Receptor N-Terminal Domain
Jacky K Leung, Yusuke Imamura, Minoru Kato and Marianne D Sadar

FRI 224

Association of Glucocorticoid Receptor Polymorphisms with Metabolic Characteristics in Bariatric Patients
Sebastien Gingras, Terrance Clarke, Anne L. Jones and Brian D Cohen

FRI 231

FRI 232

Urinary Extracts Contain Small Fatty Acid Molecules with Therapeutic Properties That Activate the PPAR Gamma Receptor
Tony Antakly, Abdel-Hamid Emwas, André Tremblay, Véronique Caron, José Menezes and Alan Brox

FRI 235

Epigenetic Regulation of the Orphan Nuclear Receptor Dax-1 in Cancer and ES Cells
Victor Dennis Gavallos, Laurie Basset, Margot Bacino, Michael Heskett, George Tzertzinis and Christina Tzagarakis-Foster