Nuclear Receptors and Co-Regulators in Health and Disease


Sca-1 Delineates an Estrogen Responsive Stem Cell within the Mammary Gland
Genevieve V Dall, Jessica L Vieusseux, Kenneth S Korach, Yukitomo Arao, Sylvia C Hewitt, Katherine J Hamilton, Wah Chin Boon, Evan R Simpson, Robert G Ramsay, Robin L Anderson, Gail P Risbridger and Kara L Britt


Different Mechanisms Utilized By Mutant Estrogen Receptor Alpha Proteins to Activate Transcription in a Ligand-Independent Manner
Charles E Foulds, Leah A Gates, Ross A Hamilton, Philip F Lavere, Ping Yi, Yang Yu, David M Lonard, Jun Qin, Anna Malovannaya, Guowei Gu, Suzanne A Fuqua, Jieya Shao, Matthew J Ellis and Bert W O'Malley


Single Cell Analysis Reveals Divergent Progesterone and Estrogen Signaling Potential in the Normal Human Breast
J Dinny Graham, Heidi Nicole Hilton, Audrey Silvestri, Nicole Santucci, Tram B Doan, Lily Huschtscha and Christine L Clarke