Regulation of Body Weight Via Adipose and Brain Poster Preview


A Novel Combined Glucocorticoid-Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist Markedly Prevents Weight Gain and Fat Mass Expansion in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet
Alessandra Feraco, Caterina Mammi, Vincenzo Marzolla, Andrea Armani, Antonella Antelmi, Joseph K Belanoff, Hazel Hunt, Andrea Fabbri and Massimiliano Caprio


Fads1 Knockout Mice Are Lean with Improved Glycemic Control and Decreased Development of Atheromatous Plaque
David R Powell, Jason P Gay, Melinda Smith, Nathaniel Wilganowski, Angela Harris, Autumn Holland, Maricela Reyes, Laura Kirkham, Laura Kirkpatrick, Brian Zambrowicz, Gwenn M. Hansen, Kenneth A Platt, Isaac van Sligtenhorst, Zhi-Ming Ding and Urvi Desai


Gsα in MC4R Expressing Neurons Plays an Essential Role in Metabolic Regulation
Brandon Podyma, Min Chen, Hui Sun, Oksana Gavrilova and Lee S. Weinstein


Loss of Action Via Neurotensin-Leptin Receptor Neurons Disrupts Adaptive Energy Balance
Juliette Anne Brown, Raluca Bugescu, Hillary Lauren Woodworth and Gina Marie Leinninger