Growth and Puberty Disorders I


5-Androstenediol Sulfate Is a Marker of Human Adrenarche
Juilee Rege, Josephine Z Kasa-Vubu, Timothy Allen Muth, Robert Chomic, Joshua Michael Smith, Perrin C White, Richard J. Auchus and William E. Rainey


­­­­Familial Case of 46,XY DSD Due to MAP3K1 Gene Mutation
Jacqueline Pena Velasco, Robert L Levine, Renee Bargman, Moris Alejandro Angulo, Sathyaprasad Burjonrappa, Jorge Mejia-Corletto, Luis Zamora-Siliezar, Jessica Strauss, Barbara Arendash, Abigail Weinberg and Mariano Castro-Magana


Novel Heterozygous Mutations in the Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR), C.920ins14 and C.964dupG, Associated with Non-Classical GH Insensitivity and IGF-I Deficiency
Kanimozhi Vairamani, Lina Merjaneh, Paula Casano-Sancho, Philippe Backeljauw, Andrew Dauber and Vivian Hwa


Modulation of GH-1 Splicing As Potential Strategy to Rescue Growth Hormone Deficiency Type II
Maria Consolata Miletta, Andrée Eblé, Christa E Flueck and Primus E Mullis