Pituitary Development and Neoplasia (posters) (posters)

SUN 502

A Novel Somatostatin-Dopamine Chimeric Compound Induces Dose-Related Suppression of GHRH-Stimulated Growth Hormone Secretion and Increases Insulin Sensitivity in Normal Rats
Heather A Halem, Shengwen Zhang, Rakesh Datta, Amy Bastille, Jeremy Beech, Marilyn Marques, Shraddha Patel, Yeelana Shen, Jesse Z Dong and Michael D Culler

SUN 505

A Proteomic Approach to Unveil the Pituitary-Specific Tumour Suppressor Mechanisms of AIP
Laura C. Hernández-Ramírez, Rhodri M.L. Morgan, Chrisostomos Prodromou and Márta Korbonits

SUN 508

Functional Role and Potential Clinical Implications of Somatostatin Receptor 3 in the Pathophysiology of Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas
Justo Pastor Castano, Mª Carmen Vázquez Borrego, Eva Venegas, Alfonso Soto, Maria Angeles Gálvez, Alejandro Ibáñez Costa and Raul M. Luque

SUN 510

Hyponatremia: An Unusual Presentation of Pituitary Apoplexy
Ding Fang Chuang, Timothy Peng Lim Quek and Cherng Jye Seow

SUN 511

Germline Prolactin Receptor Mutation Is Not a Major Cause of Sporadic Prolactinoma in Humans
Valerie Bernard, Justine Bouilly, Isabelle Beau, Isabelle Broutin, Philippe Chanson, Jacques Young and Nadine Binart

SUN 512

Central Diabetes Insipidus: Beware of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis!
Sabine Vermeersch, Bert Bravenboer, David Unuane and Brigitte Velkeniers

SUN 513

Mutations in BRAF Are Associated with Septo-Optic Dysplasia and Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome
Louise Cheryl Gregory, Rachel Besser, Karen Temple, Justin H Davies and Mehul Tulsidas Dattani

SUN 514

A Novel Mutation in Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2 Subunit 3 (EIF2S3) Is Associated with Severe Hypoglycaemia and X-Linked Hypopituitarism
Louise Cheryl Gregory, Hywel Williams, Sofia Rahman, Carolina B Ferreira, Kyriaki S Alatzoglou, Ritika R Kapoor, Khalid Hussain, Carles Gaston-Massuet, Daniel Kelberman, Wassem Qasim and Mehul Tulsidas Dattani

SUN 515

SUN 517

Hypothalamic Tuberculosis Presenting with Diabetes Insipidus
Duncan Alston, Kate Laycock, Zahra Khatami, Shevantha Rosa, Jonathan Pollock, Abhijit Chaudhuri and Nemanja D Stojanovic

SUN 519

Increased Expression of Histone Deacetylase 3 in Human Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas: Implication in Pituitary Tumorigenesis
Xiaobing Jiang, Jun Ma, Xianling Wang, Yunli Zhou, Brooke Swearingen, Tessa Hedley-Whyte, Anne Klibanski and Xun Zhang

SUN 520

OTX2 Deficiency and Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency: Interacting Genes Affect Penetrance
Peter Gergics, Qing Fang, Akima S George, Joao L O Madeira, Anthony Antonellis, Sally A Camper, Ivo J P Arnhold and Luciani R S Carvalho

SUN 521

Deletion of the Tumor Suppressor Maternally Expressed Gene 3 (Meg3) Causes Angiectasis and Embryonic Death in Mice
Yunli Zhou, Rachel E Kery, Xin Wang, Erin M Botticelli, Xun Zhang, Li Zhang, Roderick T Bronson and Anne Klibanski

SUN 522

Involvement of Tyrosine Kinase IGF1R and EGFR Receptors in the Pathogenesis of Pituitary Adenomas
Antonio Miguel Pico, Laura Sanchez-Tejada, Ruth Sanchez-Ortiga, Pedro Riesgo, Irene Monjas, Javier Abarca, Cristina Lamas, Rosa Camara and Carmen Fajardo

SUN 523

Signaling Pathways Involved in the Antiapoptotic Effect of Humanin in Pituitary Cells
Maria Florencia Gottardo, Mariela Moreno Ayala, Sandra Cristina Zarate, Jimena Ferraris, Matias Luis Pidre, Daniel Pisera, Victor Romanowski, Marianela Candolfi, Gabriela Jaita and Adriana Seilicovich

SUN 524

Characterization of Gliogenesis in the Developing Tuberal Hypothalamus
Hayley Faye Thornton, Candace Marsters, Shaghayegh Aslanpour and Deborah Marie Kurrasch

SUN 528

The Role of FOXO1 in Pituitary Development at e16.5
Kelly L Schmidt, Jyoti Kapali and Buffy Sue Ellsworth

SUN 529

The Vital Role of the Somatotrope Leptin Receptor to Thyrotrope, Lactotrope, and Gonadotrope Secretions in Females
Melody Lyn Allensworth, Gwen V. Childs, Angela K. Odle and Anessa C. Haney

SUN 531

Novel Somatostatin-Dopamine Chimeric Compound Demonstrates Superior Efficacy in Suppressing Growth Hormone Secretion from Human Acromegalic Tumors Partially Responsive to Current Somatostatin and Dopamine Therapies
Alexandru Saveanu, Rakesh Datta, Shengwen Zhang, Yeelana Shen, Jesse Z Dong, Thomas Graillon, Celine Desfilles, Tanya Landsman, Heather A Halem, Alain Enjalbert, Anne Barlier and Michael D Culler

SUN 532

Interaction Between AIP and the Protein Kinase a in Pituitary Tumor Formation
Marie Helene Schernthaner-Reiter, Giampaolo Trivellin, Matthew F. Starost and Constantine A Stratakis

SUN 533

High Frequency of PROP1 Mutations (one novel) Among Familial Latin American Patients with Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency and Topic Posterior Pituitary Lobe
Joao L O Madeira, Everlayny Fiorot Costalonga, Anna F Benedetti, Isabela Peixoto Biscotto, Thamires Fernandes, Marcela M Franca, Milena Garcia Abrao, Fernanda de Azevedo Correa, Aline P Otto, Mirian Y Nishi, Mirta Beatriz Miras, Alexander Augusto Lima Jorge, Ivo J P Arnhold, Berenice B Mendonca and Luciani R S Carvalho

SUN 534

GPR101 Variants in Acromegaly: Results from a Large Series of Patients
Donato Iacovazzo, Sonal Kapur, Benjamin Bunce, Francesco Ferraù, Plamena Gabrovska, Richard Caswell, Sarah J. Larkin, Olaf Ansorge, Ashley B. Grossman, Sian Ellard and Márta Korbonits

SUN 537

SUN 538

Central Diabetes Insipidus and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - a Case Report
David Oliveira Barbosa, Carolina Faria, Ema Nobre and Mario Rui G Mascarenhas

SUN 539

Central Diabetes Insipidus (CDI) in Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, Regarding a Case
Karen Evelyn Ramos Rodriguez and Gonzalo Francisco Miranda Manrique