Female Reproductive Endocrinology and Female Reproductive Tract (posters) (posters)

FRI 184

Irisin May be a Useful Adjunct for the Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in Nonobese Adolescents
Y Dana Neugut, Alison Printz, Nia Colon, Tamara Cameo, Chengchen Zhang, Sharon E Oberfield and Aviva B Sopher

FRI 186

FRI 187

Leptin Sensitivity and the Timing of Puberty in Female Mice
Tabata Mariz Bohlen, Marina Augusto Silveira, Thais T Zampieri, Renata Frazao and Jose Donato Jr.

FRI 190

NLRP3 Inflammasome Contributes to Estrogen Deficiency-Induced Depression-like and Anxiety-like Behavior in Mice
Yongjun Xu, Hui Sheng, Qingyue Bao, Yujun Wang, Jianqiang Lu and Xin Ni

FRI 191

Pitfalls in Biomarker Analyses: Lessons Learnt Using an ELISA Assay to Measure Estradiol Levels in Ovariectomized Female Cynomolgus Monkeys
Nancy Doyle, Sophie Cotton, Elisabeth Lesage, Aurore Varela, Simon Lavallée and Susan Y Smith

FRI 192

New Insights into the Genetic Architecture of Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
Isabelle Beau, Justine Bouilly, Sara Barraud, Valerie Bernard, Reiner Veitia, Brigitte Delemer, Catherine Dode, Jacques Young and Nadine Binart

FRI 198

FRI 200

AMPK and mTORC1 Expression and Activation in Human Placenta of Small for Gestational Age (SGA) and Large for Gestational Age (LGA) Newborns
Maria-Luisa Lazo-de-la-Vega-Monroy, Martha I. González-Domínguez, Leonel Daza-Benitez, Juan M Malacara and Gloria Barbosa-Sabanero

FRI 201