Case Series. Complex Diabetes Management (posters) (posters)

SAT 726

Ketosis-Prone Diabetes: An Emerging Category of Diabetes That Needs More Attention
Yara Elizabeth Tovar, Jenan Gabi and Omolola Bolaji Olajide

SAT 730

Preserved Proinsulin Secretion in Type 1 Diabetes
Devin Warren Steenkamp, Ayse Sahin Efe and Elliot Sternthal

SAT 732

Hemoglobin Providence (β82 Lys > Asn, Asp) Causes Falsely Low HbA1c in a Non-Adherent Teenager with Type 1 Diabetes
Charles N. Newman, Christine M. Litwin, Deborah A. Bowlby, Katherine A. Lewis, Michele R. Hutchison and Remberto C. Paulo

SAT 734

Severe Hypernatremia, Hyperglycemia and Hyperosmolality in a Patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Aniruddh Setya, Vineet Lamba, Priyanka Nair and Renee Bargman

SAT 735

Are They Related: Sglt-2 Inhibitors and Stroke?
Goral Panchal, Nissa Blocher and Arthur Chernoff

SAT 737

Sugars & Shakes: Hyperglycemia & Hemichorea-Hemiballism
Maria Renela Gambito and Issam E Cheikh

SAT 739

Remission of Type B Insulin Resistance Achieved with Immunosuppressive Therapy
Jennifer Giordano, Su Fan Lin, Maria Javaid, Maitri Shelly Kalia-Reynolds, Beatriz E Ramirez, Edward Treadwell, Almond Jerkins Drake III, Robert J Tanenberg, Caroline Houston and Fiona J Cook

SAT 743

SAT 745

SAT 746

Left Upper Arm Hemichorea: An Unusual Presentation of New Onset of Type 2 Diabetes
Maria Jose Velasco Acuna, Paul Tooran Labinson and Joseph William Mc Dermott

SAT 747

Mucormycosis: An Uncommon but Dreadful and Relentlessly Progressive Complication of Uncontrolled DM
Naureen Jessani, Catherine Anastasopoulou and Patamaporn Lekprasert

SAT 748

Non - Insulin Mediated Hypoglycemia Post - Gastric Bypass
Zubair Ilyas, Sammer Jazbeh and Aleida Rodriguez

SAT 749

Metformin in the Management of Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia Following Bariatric Surgery
Michael D. Goldberg, Harriette Mogul and Monica D Schwarcz