Endocrine Healthcare Delivery, Education and Endocrine Nursing (posters) (posters)

SAT 757

CDC Hormone Standardization Program (HoSt)-Improving Clinical Measurements of Sex Steroids in Serum
Julianne Cook Botelho, Ashley Ribera, Otoe Sugahara and Hubert W Vesper

SAT 759

SAT 761

Postoperative Assessment of Remission in Patients with Cushing Disease
Yana Stolyarov, James Mirocha, Shlomo Melmed and Anat Ben-Shlomo

SAT 762

SAT 763

Transition and Compliance in Long-Term Growth Hormone Therapy: Strategies to Improve Treatment Outcomes
Sally Tollerfield, Sherwin Criseno, Miriam Fallon, Carly Jennings, Julie Jones, Anne C Marland, Lee Martin, Stephanie Ward, Alison Webb and Amanda Whitehead

SAT 764

Impaired Quality of Life in Patients with Acromegaly Despite Long-Term Disease Control: Results from a Longitudinal Study
Nikolaos Kyriakakis, Julie Lynch, Stephen G. Gilbey, Susan M. Webb and Robert D. Murray

SAT 765

Management of Adverse Events in Patients with Acromegaly Treated with Pasireotide LAR
Christine G Yedinak, Daphne T. Adelman and Jessica Williams

SAT 768

Unheard Voices: The Experiences and Illness Perceptions of Women with Kallmann Syndrome
Andrew Dwyer, Richard Quinton, Diane Morin and Nelly Pitteloud

SAT 770

Endocrine Specialist Nurse Led Clinics- What Knowledge and Skills Are Required?
Lisa M Shepherd, Anne C Marland, Rachel J Austin and Helen E Turner