Thyroid Case Reports II (posters) (posters)

SAT 311

The Patient Is Yellow: Cholestasis and Jaundice Complicating Untreated Hypothyroidism in an Adult Patient
Anju Gurung, Carmel Maria Fratianni, Michael G Jakoby IV and Rama Poola

SAT 312

A Case of MCT8 Deficiency Due to Deletion in Exon 1: The Use of qPCR in Identifying Female Carriers
Theodora Pappa, Xiao-Hui Liao, Lauren Elizabeth Lipeski, Roy E Weiss and Samuel Refetoff

SAT 316

Severe Asymptomatic Myositis in the Setting of Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Insufficiency
Sravanthi Madala, John Mihailidis and Faryal Sardar Mirza

SAT 317

Refractory Hypothyroidism: An Unusual and Difiant Dilemma
Kyrmarie Davila-Torres, Jose Hernan Martinez, Rafael Oberto-Torres, Carmen V Rivera-Anaya, Sharon M Velez Maymi, Luis Hernandez-Vazquez, Ivan E Laboy-Ortiz, Samayra Miranda, Paola Mansilla, Michelle M Mangual, Madeleine Gutierrez and Maria de Lourdes Miranda

SAT 318

Pituitary Enlargement in a Patient with Primary Hypothyroidism
Kimberly Kochersperger Lessard, Arthur Chernoff and Naureen Jessani

SAT 320

Wernickes Encephalopathy Secondary to Gestational Hyperthyroidism
Christina Glover, Hanni Salih, Vishnu Vardhan Garla, Tauqeer Yousuf and Shema R Ahmad

SAT 321

Hashimoto's Encephalopathy: A Story of Reversible Acute Neurocognitive Decline
Michele Yeung, Nandita Sinha, Zahava Brodt, Hung Trinh, Alfred Burger and Emilia Pauline Liao