Hypercalemic Disorders and Metabolic Bone Disease Case Reports (posters) (posters)

SAT 375

SAT 376

Atypical Femoral Fractures Associated with Short-Term Exposure to Denosumab Use
Tay Yu Kwang Donovan, Peng Chin Kek and Manju Chandran

SAT 379

First Case of Hypercalcemia Due to Pthrp Secretion in a Patient with HPV-Associated Ano-Rectal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Taiga Inoue, Milay Luis Lam, Gul Bahtiyar, Helena Abby Guber, Cynthia Wong, Medina Vernon and Alan Scott Sacerdote

SAT 380

Glucocorticoid-Responsive Hypercalcemia in a Young Man with HIV-AIDS
Alan Scott Sacerdote, Taiga Inoue, Akuffo Quarde and Gul Bahtiyar

SAT 381

Possible Cytokine-Mediated Hypercalcemic Crisis in a Young Woman
Alan Scott Sacerdote, Estefania Maurer, Taiga Inoue and Gul Bahtiyar

SAT 383

SAT 384

Prolactin Induced Hypercalcemia in Gigantomastia of Pregnancy
Elizabeth Martha Winter and Natasha Appelman

SAT 386

Life-Threatening Hypercalcemia Secondary to Gluteal Injections
Swapna Mapakshi, Shruti Polu and Colette M Knight

SAT 388

Obscure Causes of Hypercalcemia
Mahmoud Alsayed, Majd Alsayed and Jerome H Targovnik

SAT 389

Congenital Mesoblastic Nephroma: Not so Benign?
Erin R Okawa and Vidhu V Thaker

SAT 390

A Team Approach to Hypercalcemia in Pregnancy
Disha K Narang and Celeste C. Thomas