Late-Breaking Tumor Biology II (posters) (posters)


Therapeutic Effects of Metformin on Outcomes in Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer
DeAnna Henderson, Danielle Frieson, Jeffery Zuber and Solomon S Solomon


Wanted: Oncologic Progress for the Treatment of Parathyroid Carcinoma
Ioannis Christakis, Angelica Maria Silva, Lily J Kwatampora, Callisia Clarke, Naifa L Busaidy, Michelle D Williams, Carla Warneke, Elizabeth G Grubbs, Jeffrey E Lee and Nancy D Perrier


Obesity Is Associated with an Increase in the HIF1α-PKM2-Aromatase Axis in Breast Adipose Stromal Cells That Is Reversed By Caloric Restriction: Implications for Obesity-Related Breast Cancer
Heba M Zahid, Neil M Iyengar, Xi Kathy Zhou, I-Chun Chen, Priya Bhardwaj, Ayca Gucalp, Monica Morrow, Clifford A Hudis, Andrew J Dannenberg and Kristy A Brown