Late-Breaking Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary II (posters) (posters)


Exome Sequencing Reveals Double Hit By AIP Gene Mutation and Copy Loss of Chromosome 11 but Negative X-LAG in a Pituitary Adenoma of a 4 Yrs Child with Gigantism Treated with Multimodal Therapy
Márta Korbonits, Pinaki Dutta, Kavita S Reddy, Anil Bhansali, Prakamya Gupta, Ashutosh Rai, Bishan Das Radotra and Kanchan K Mukherjee


Somatic Xq26.3 Microduplication Causing X-Linked Acrogigantism (X-LAG)
Márta Korbonits, Maude Millette, Donato Iacovazzo, Craig E Stiles, Sayka Barry, Jane Evanson, Steffen Albrecht, Richard Caswell, Benjamin Bunce, Sian Jose, Jacqueline Trouillas, Federico Roncaroli, Julian R. Sampson, Sian Ellard and Celia Rodd


Feline Hypersomatotropism As a Spontaneous Animal Model of Acromegaly: Molecular Analyses of Somatostatin and Dopamine Receptor Expression in GH-Secreting Adenomas in the Cat (Felis catus)
Christopher John Scudder, Samantha Mary Mirczuk, Karen Marie Richardson, Ruth Gostelow, Yaiza Forcada, Imelda Mary McGonnell, David Church, Chris Lamb, Patrick J Kenny, Márta Korbonits, Robert C Fowkes and Stijn J Niessen


No Differences in Metabolic Outcomes Between Nadir GH 0.4 and 1.0ng/ML during OGTT in Surgically Cured Acromegaly
Ye Eon Han, Cheol Ryong Ku, Jae Won Hong, Se Hee Park, Seunghee Han, Sun Ho Kim and Eun Jig Lee


Correlation of Tumor Markers with Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Acromegaly: Single Center Experience
Adriana Gabriela Ioachimescu, Jeremy Richard Anthony, Emir Veledar, Octavian C Ioachimescu, Daniel L Barrow, Nelson M Oyesiku and Daniel Brat


Self-Efficacy Improves after a Self-Management Intervention in Patients with Pituitary Disease: Results of a Multicenter Randomized-Controlled Trial
Cornelie D. Andela, Han Repping-Wuts, Nike Stikkelbroeck, Mathilde C. Pronk, Jitske Tiemensma, Ron Wolterbeek, Ad R.M.M. Hermus, Adrian A Kaptein, Alberto M. Pereira, Noëlle GA Kamminga and Nienke R. Biermasz