Late-Breaking Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary I (posters) (posters)


Neuronal Defects in Olfactomedin 1 Deficient Female Mice with Impaired Fertility and Pubertal Development
Rong Li, Honglu Diao, Fei Zhao, Shuo Xiao, Elizabeth A. Dudley, Ahmed E. El Zowalaty, Mark P Mattson and Xiaoqin Ye


A Hybrid Fc-Fused Human Growth Hormone, GX-H9, Shows a Potential for Semi-Monthly Administration in Clinical Studies
Jung-Won Woo, Eun Jig Lee, Jung Hee Kim, Byung-Joon Kim, Jochen Schopohl, Sandor Magony, Aldona Kowalska, Svetozar Damjanovic, Tae Kyung Kim, Young-Joo Ahn, Woo Ick Jang and Young-Chul Sung


Growth Hormone Deficiency in Veterans with Mild TBI
Sakine Sever, Marco Marcelli, Helen Lin, Laura Acion, Ricardo Jorge and Jose Manuel Garcia



Long-Term Effects of Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy on Cognition
April Au, Deborah Schwartz, Andrea Eisen, Amy Finch, Elizabeth Hampson, Taymaa May, Wendy Meschino, Joan Murphy, Steven Narod, Mary Tierney and Gillian Einstein


Sexual Dimorphic Effect of the Invalidation of Ghs-R on GH Pulsatile Secretion and Meal Pattern
Alexandra Labarthe, Philippe Zizzari, Christophe Chauveau, Oriane Fiquet, Johannes D. Veldhuis, Emil Egecioglu, Mohammad Bohlooly, Jacques P Epelbaum and Virginie Tolle