Late-Breaking Cardiovascular Endocrinology II (posters) (posters)


Loss of Endothelial Estrogen Receptor Alpha Reduces Vascular Stiffness in Western Diet-Fed Male Mice
Camila Manrique Acevedo, Jaume Padilla, Victoria Vieira-Potter, Dominic Haertling, Francisco Ramirez, James R. Sowers and Luis Martinez-Lemus


Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Might Play a Pivotal Role in Lipid Metabolic Disorders Detected in a Novel Subclinical Hypothyroidism Mouse Model
Lingyan Zhou, Shuyan Ding, Laicheng Wang Sr., Yujie Li, Wenbin Chen, Tao Bo, Kunpeng Wu, Congcong Li, Xiaojing Liu, Jiajun Zhao, Chao Xu and Ling Gao


Androgens Modulate Plasma and Intestinal Triglyceride and Cholesterol Metabolism in a PCOS-Prone Rodent Model
Gayathri Ananthakrishnan, Spencer Proctor, Mahua Ghosh, Rene Jacobs and Donna F Vine