Late-Breaking Diabetes & Glucose Metabolism II (posters) (posters)



SHBG Overexpression Does Not Prevent High Fat Diet-Induced Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
Yael Sofer, Michal Vechoropoulos, Etty Osher, Naftali Stern and Geoffrey L Hammond


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Increases Hepatic Gluconeogenesis Via CRTC2
Yujie Li, Laicheng Wang Sr., Yongfeng Song, Lingyan Zhou, Shizhan Ma, Chunxiao Yu, Jiajun Zhao, Chao Xu and Ling Gao


Metformin Improves Vascular Function in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: The Adelaide Metformin RCT Trial
Jemma Anderson, Catherine Leggett, Roger Gent, Lynne Giles, Jennifer Couper and Alexia S Pena


Glucagon Response Is Similar in People with Long Versus Short Standing Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
Julia K Mader, Sabine Zenz, Petra Baumann, Martina Brunner, Adelheid Puffing, Markus Rumpler, Othmar Moser, Martin Hajnsek, Harald Sourij and Thomas R Pieber