Insights into Skeletal Metabolism and Osteoporosis Therapies


Retreatment with Romosozumab after 12 Months of Placebo Demonstrates Similar BMD Efficacy Compared with Initial Romosozumab Treatment
D L Kendler, H G Bone, F Massari, E Gielen, S Palacios, J Maddox, C Yan, C Libanati, S Yue and A Grauer


Transition to Zoledronic Acid after Romosozumab Treatment Maintains Bone Mineral Density Gains
M R McClung, M A Bolognese, J P Brown, J-Y Reginster, B L Langdahl, J Maddox, C Yan, S Yue, P D Meisner and A Grauer


Vertebral Fracture Incidence after Discontinuation of Denosumab Treatment: Analysis from Freedom and Its Extension
Serge Ferrari, Jacques P Brown, Nico Pannacciulli, Nigel Gilchrist, Christian Roux, Ove Törring, Ivo Valter, Rachel B Wagman, Andrea T Wang and Steven R Cummings


The Risk of Subsequent Osteoporotic Fractures Is Decreased in Patients Experiencing Fracture While on Denosumab: Results from the Freedom and Freedom Extension Studies
David L Kendler, A Chines, M L Brandi, S Papapoulos, E M Lewiecki, J-Y Reginster, C Roux, M Munoz Torres, A Wang and H G Bone


High Turnover Bone Disease Due to a Novel 27-Base Pair Tandem Duplication in TNFRSF11A leading to Constitutively Active RANK
Sean J. Iwamoto, Micol S. Rothman, Shenghui Duan, Steven Mumm, Kelsey Burr and Michael P. Whyte


Lower Bone Formation after 3 Weeks of Sleep Restriction with Circadian Disruption: A Mechanism for Sleep-Related Bone Loss
Christine Swanson, Steven A Shea, Pamela Wolfe, Sheila Markwardt, Charles A Czeisler, Orfeu Marcello Buxton and Eric S Orwoll


Comparison of the Geography of Fracture Incidence in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis Treated with Abaloparatide-SC Versus Placebo during the ACTIVE Trial
Michael R McClung, Gregory C Williams, Gary Hattersley, Lorraine A Fitzpatrick, Yamei Wang and Paul D Miller