Growth Hormone Axis Development, Signaling, and Pathophysiology


Next Generation Sequencing for the Detection of Hypopituitarism Candidate Genes Using Molecular Inverted Probes in Argentinean Children
Maria Ines Perez-Millan, Sebastian A Vishnopolska, Juan P Bustamante, Marcelo A Marti, Amanda Helen Mortensen, Ignacio Bergadá, Débora Braslavsky, Ana C. Keselman, Rosemary Lemons, Jacob Kitzman and Sally A Camper


Hepatocyte Growth Hormone (GH) Signaling Protects the Adult Liver from Injury through Direct and Indirect Mechanisms
Jose Cordoba-Chacon, Syeda Khalid, Natalia Nieto, Grace Guzman and Rhonda D. Kineman


Ablation of Hepatic Production of the Acid Labile Subunit in the Bovine-GH Transgenic Mice
Zhongbo Liu, Tianzhen Han, Shannon Fishman, James Butler, Tracy S. Zimmermann, Frederic Tremblay, John J Kopchick and Shoshana Yakar


Early Exposure to Elevated IGF-1 Levels Increases Mammary Tumor Susceptibility through Expansion and Activation of the Mammary Stem Cell Compartment
Linjie Luo, Andres Santos, Andrew Hillhouse, Kranti Konganti, Ramesh T Gunaratna, David Threadgill and Robin S L Fuchs-Young