GnRH, Gonadotroph Biology, and Signaling


Kisspeptin Increases Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Neuron Excitability
Caroline Elizabeth Adams, Santiago Schnell and Suzanne M Moenter


The Role of Kisspeptin and Neurokinin B Signaling in the Pubertal Increase in GnRH Release in Male Rhesus Monkeys
James P Garcia, Kim L Keen, Lucille K. Kohlenberg, William B. Lundeen, Stephanie Beth Seminara and Ei Terasawa


Gonadotrope Specific ERK Loss Causes Premature Reproductive Aging and Testicular Degeneration in Mice
Jessica L Brown, Jianjun Xie, Jennifer L Sones, Cynthia Angulo, Andrew Miller, Ulrich Boehm and Mark Stephen Roberson


Gonadotrope-Specific Ablation of JNK1/2 Reveals an Inhibitory Role in FSHβ Synthesis In Vivo
Brian S Edwards, Shaihla Amin Khan, Ulrich Boehm, Roger J Davis and Amy Marie Navratil


Alteration of the Neuroendocrine Control of Puberty after Postnatal Exposure to Bisphenol a and Involvement of GPR151, a Potential New Regulator of the GnRH Network
Delphine Franssen, Nadine Dupuis, David Lopez Rodriguez, Arlette Gerard, Julien Hanson, Jean-Pierre J Bourguignon and Anne Simone Parent


Suppression of Weight Gain in Ovarectomized High-Fat Diet Rats and in Female Monkeys By Treatment with ESN364 (NK3 Antagonist)
Sophie Noel, Catherine Sorlet, Sandrine Hospied, Clement Mompied, Anne-France Hartiel, Letizia Aloisantoni, Hamid R Hoveyda and Graeme L Fraser