Emerging Treatments for Pituitary, Adrenal, and Neuroendocrine Disorders


Convenience of the Once-Weekly Growth Hormone (GH) Derivative Somapacitan in Adult GH Deficiency (AGHD): Results from a 26-Week Randomized, Controlled, Phase 3 Trial
Gudmundur Johannsson, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Ida Holme Håkonsson, Henrik Biering, Patrice Rodien, Shigeyuki Tahara, Andrew Toogood and Michael Højby Rasmussen


Somavaratan, a Long-Acting Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH), for the Treatment of Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD): Results of VITAL, an Open-Label, Dose-Finding, International, Phase 2 Study (NCT02526420)
Beverly M.K. Biller, Daniela Rogoff, Trish Rice, Shelby A Young, R. William Charlton, Bert Bakker, Maria Koltowska-Häggström, Eric Humphriss, Timothy S Bailey, Kimvir Singh Dhillon, Ken Ho, Laurence Katznelson, Kylie McLachlan, Shlomo Melmed, Samer Nakhle, Duncan J Topliss, Whitney W. Woodmansee, Kevin C.J. Yuen, Martin Bidlingmaier and Christian J Strasburger


Temozolomide Treatment Can Improve Overall Survival in Aggressive Pituitary Tumors and Pituitary Carcinomas
Helene Lasolle, Christine Cortet, Frederic Castinetti, Lucie Cloix, Philippe Caron, Rachel Desailloud, Brigitte Delemer, Cristel Jublanc, Jean-Louis Sadoul, Nathalie Bourcigaux, Olivier Chabre, Philippe Chanson, Cyril Garcia, Magalie Haissaguerre, Yves Reznik, Franck Schillo, Guillaume Assie and Gérald Raverot


Long-Term Effects of Recombinant Human Leptin (Metreleptin) on Nocturnal LH Secretion in Lipodystrophy Patients
Brent S. Abel, Caroline Sedmak, Mary F. Walter, Phillip Gorden, Ranganath Muniyappa and Rebecca J. Brown


Osilodrostat Can Provide Control of Urinary Free Cortisol for over 2.5 Years in Patients with Cushing's Disease: Results from an Extension to the Linc-2 Study
Rosario Pivonello, Betul Hatipoglu, Mark E Molitch, Xavier Bertagna, Nathalie Barbier, Nicholas Sauter, Beverly M.K. Biller and Jacques Young


Localization of Benign Insulinomas Using Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor (GLP1-R) SPECT/CT and PET/CT and MRI in a Prospective Clinical Study
Kwadwo Antwi, Melpomeni Fani, Tobias Heye, Guillaume P Nicolas, Elmar Merkle, Jean Claude Reubi, Beat Gloor, Damian Wild and Emanuel R Christ