Androgen Receptor Signaling


Discovery and Characterization of Selective Degraders of Full Length and Splice Variant Androgen Receptors (SARDs) for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer
Suriyan Ponnusamy, Robert H Getzenberg, Luke Selth, Thirumagal Thiyagarajan, Dong-Jin Hwang, Yali He, Iain J McEwan, Carolyn Watt, Wayne D Tilley, Duane Miller and Ramesh Narayanan


Liver x Receptor Antagonizes Androgen Receptor Expression and Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells
Shoulei Jiang, Sulgi Park, Pawel Osmulski, Jodie Cropper, Maria Gaczynska, Caleb Killer, Chung Seog Song and Bandana Chatterjee


INPP4B Regulation of AR Transcriptional Activity and Cell Signaling in Prostate Cancer Cells and in Mouse Prostate
Manqi Zhang, Judy Rieger, Lubov Nathanson, Nancy L Weigel and Irina U Agoulnik


Dimerization of Androgen Receptor and Glucocorticoid Receptors
Frank A. Claessens, Martha Nadal, Stefan Prekovic, Biswajyoti Sahu, Olli A Janne, Adriaan B Houtsmuller, Martin van Royen, Pablo Fuentes-Prior, Eva Estebanez-Perpina and Christine Helsen