Innovations in Bone Biology (posters)

SAT 338

Intracellular Lipid Droplets Serve As a Source of Energy Substrates to Support Osteoblast Function
Elizabeth Rendina-Ruedy, Anyonya R Guntur, Brenda J Smith, Michael P Czech and Clifford J Rosen

SAT 339

A Novel Anti-PTH1R Receptor Antagonist Monoclonal Antibody Reverses Hypercalcemia Induced By PTH or PTHrP: A Potential Treatment of Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy
Agnes Choppin, Daniel Bedinger, Rachel Hunt, Catarina Tran, Sujeewa Wijesuriya, Robyn Cotter, Elizabeth Pongo, Robert Shimizu, Jessica Chen, Khanh Pham, Amer Mirza, Kirk W. Johnson, Toshihiko Takeuchi and Raphael Levy

SAT 341

PIK3CA Mutational Analysis of Parathyroid Adenomas
Aaliyah Riccardi, Justin Bellizzi, Jessica Costa-Guda and Andrew Arnold

SAT 342

SAT 347

Effects of ephrin B1 Gene Ablation in Osteoblasts or Osteocytes on Cortical and Trabecular Bone Morphology
Manish Raisingani, Zhongbo Liu, Tianzhen Han, Emi Shimizu and Shoshana Yakar

SAT 349

Mutual Modulation of Femarelle and Vitamin D Analog Activities in Human Derived Female Cultured Osteoblasts
Dalia Somjen, Sara Katzburg, Orli Sharon, David Hendel, Gary H Posner and Naftali Stern

SAT 351

An Estrogen Stimulated Alternative Signaling Pathway Responsible for the Sexual Dimorphisms Observed in Igfbp2-/- Mice
Victoria DeMambro, Lindsey Gower, Carolina Figueroa, Susan D'Costa, David Clemmons and Clifford Rosen

SAT 355

Pharmacokinetics of Transcon PTH, a Sustained-Release PTH Prodrug for Hypoparathyroidism, in Rat and Cynomolgus Monkey
Kennett Sprogoe, Susanne Pihl, Caroline Elisabeth Rasmussen, Lars Holten-Andersen, Felix Cleeman and Vibeke Miller Breinholt

SAT 356

Knock-in Mouse with Mutant Gα11: Characterization of Phenotype and Pharmacological Rescue of Hypocalcemia By Inhibitors
Kelly Lauter Roszko, Ruiye Bi, Caroline M Gorvin, Hans brauner-Osborne, Xiao-Feng Xiong, Asuka Inoue, Rajesh V Thakker, Kristian Strømgaard, Thomas J Gardella and Michael Mannstadt

SAT 357

An Adaptor Protein 2 Sigma Subunit (AP2σ) Met117Ile Mutation within a Helix-Loop-Helix Structure Causes Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcaemia Type-3
Caroline M Gorvin, Raghu Metpally, John D Overton, Jeffrey G Reid, Gerda E Breitwieser and Rajesh V Thakker

SAT 358

SAT 359

Methylation Patterns of the Novel DΜR of GNAS (GNAS-AS2) in the Pseudohypoparathyroidism 1B (iPPSD3) Subtypes
Patrick Hanna, Anne Rochtus, Deborah Mackay, Bruno Francou, Jérôme Bouligant, Anne Mantel, Elli Anagnostou, Elpis Vlachopapadopoulou, Dominique Gaillard and Agnes Linglart