Clinical Care and Genetic Associations in Diverse forms of Diabetes (posters)

SAT 586

Does DKA at Diagnosis Predict Better Glycemic Control in Patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus?
Marina Epelman, Lily Mohtadi, Julianne Pereira and Siham D Accacha

SAT 589

Hyperglycemia Is Associated with Infertility and Placental Dysfunction in Obese Mice
Erica B Mahany, Nicole H Bellefontaine, Xingfa Han and Carol F Elias

SAT 591

Pregnant Times and Diabetes in Postmenopausal Women without History of GDM
Chi Chen, Xiaomin Nie, Hualing Zhai, Yi Chen, Yingli Lu and Ningjian Wang

SAT 592

Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Gestational Diabetes
Huguette Stephanie Brink, Marije Alkemade, Aart J. van der Lely and Joke Van der Linden

SAT 593

Glucose Variability during Pregnancy in Women with Type 1 Diabetes on Pumps    
Vikash Dadlani, Georgia Kulina, Donna M Desjardins, Shelly McCrady-Spitzer, Prabin Thapa, Eyal Dassau, Carol J Levy and Yogish C Kudva

SAT 594

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Gestational Diabetes: Prevalence, Predictive Factors and the Development of a Screening Tool
Ekasitt Wanitcharoenkul, Boonsong Ongphiphadhanakul, Naricha Chirakalwasan, Somvang Amnakkittikul, Suranut Charoensri, Sunee Saetung, Punyu Panburana, Sommart Bumrungphuet and Sirimon Reutrakul

SAT 595

High Molecular Weight Adiponectin, Omentin-1 and Interleukin-6 in Early Pregnancy Are Associated with Later Development of Gestational Diabetes
Sally K. Abell, Soulmaz Shorakae, Cheryce L Harrison, Danielle Hiam, Alba Moreno-Asso, Nigel K. Stepto, Barbora de Courten and Helena J. Teede

SAT 596

Identification of Mody Gene Polymorphisms in Asian Indians Affected with Gestational Diabetes-First Report from India
Sujeet Jha, Samreen Siddiqui, Swati W Pandit, Amit Bhargava, Manju Panda and Shweta Dubey

SAT 598

A Functional Missense Variant of the Glucokinase Regulator Gene (GCKR) Is Associated with Raised FGF21 Levels in an Exome-Chip Association Study Amongst Chinese Individuals
Karen SL Lam, Chloe YY Cheung, Paul CH Lee, Clara S Tang, Aimin Xu, Ka-Wing Au, Lin Xu, Carol HY Fong, Kelvin HM Kwok, Wing-Sun Chow, Yu Cho Woo, Michele MA Yuen, Stacey S Cherny, Jojo SH Hai, Bernard MY Cheung, Kathryn CB Tan, Tai-Hing Lam, Hung-Fat Tse and Pak-Chung Sham