Steroid Actions and Nuclear Receptor Science Poster Overviews


A Genome-Wide shRNA Screen to Identify Genes Regulating Erα Signaling and Estrogen-Dependent Proliferation in Breast Cancer Cells
Justyna Kulpa, Xiaofeng Andy Wang, Karine Audette, Marieke Rozendaal, David Laperrière, Jean Duchaine and Sylvie Mader


Gonadal Steroid Hormone Changes Underlying Perimenopausal Sleep Fragmentation
Margo Nathan, Aleta Wiley, Sybil Crawford, Eric Zhou, Kathryn Sullivan, Julia Camuso and Hadine Joffe


Identification of a Novel Kisspeptin Signaling Pathway in Glial Cells
Antonio Romero-Ruiz, Encarnación Torres-Jiménez, Giuliana Pellegrino, Ariane Sharif, Jesús Argente, Julie Ann Chowen, Juan Roa, Leonor Pinilla, William H Colledge and Manuel Tena-Sempere