Addressing Disparities and Improving Quality Poster Overviews


The Most Efficient and Effective Methods of Getting New Results to Patients - a Survey
Sky Denniston Graybill, Joseph Kluesner, Mark Windell True, Irene Folaron, Joshua Mark Tate, Jeffrey Adam Colburn, Darrick James Beckman and Jana Wardian


Independent Associations Between a Metabolic Syndrome Severity Score and Future Diabetes By Sex and Race:  the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study and Jackson Heart Study
Mark Daniel DeBoer, Matthew James Gurka, Sherita Hill Golden, Solomon Musani, Mario Sims, Abhishek Vishnu, Yi Guo, Michelle Cardel and Thomas A. Pearson


Developing Clinical Leaders in Primary Care: The US Air Force Diabetes Champion Course
Darrick James Beckman, Irene Folaron, Mark Windell True, Jana Wardian, Nina A Watson, Connie C Morrow and Tom J Sauerwein


Statin Use and Breast Cancer Prognosis in Black and White Women
Amanda Leiter, Nina Bickell, Derek LeRoith, Kezhen Fei, Rebeca Franco and Emily Jane Gallagher


A Novel Endocrinology Training Program for Nurse Practitioners
Kathryn Evans Kreider, Jennifer Voigt Rowell and Blanca Iris Padilla