Pearls from the Patient and System I (posters)

SUN 277

Endocrine Inpatients Consult Service Revisited: A Growing Role for Inpatient Care for an "Outpatient Subspecialty"
Etty Osher, Danna Zeid, Michal Yaacobi-Bach, Dror Cantrell, Yael Sofer, Naomi Even Zohar, Merav Serebro, Yona Greenman, Karen Michele Tordjman and Naftali Stern

SUN 278

An Endocrine Specialty Hospitalist Program: Filling an Unmet Need
Stephen Colgan Clement, Michelle Wilson Jeffery, Shirley Kalwaney, Nahrain H Alzubaidi, Min Jin Detrick and Madeline Erario

SUN 281

Association Between Beliefs about Diabetes and Diabetes Self-Management Behavior in Patients with Cancer and Comorbid Type 2 Diabetes
Jody-Ann N McLeggon, Yael Tobi Harris, Natalie Coppa, Jenny J Lin and Kimberly Muellers

SUN 283

Prevalence of Lifestyle-Related Diseases Among Homeless Men in Nagoya, Japan and the Relationship Between Disease Prevalence and Lifestyle Factors
Mayumi Yamamoto, Yuki Isomura, Ryo Horita, Tadahiro Sado, Takahiro Watanabe, Ryosuke Uehara and Akihiro Nishio

SUN 284

SUN 286

Infinity: A Digital Platform for Patient Support in Saudi Arabia
Ayman Haridy, Haitham Habashi and Akram Kharbat

SUN 290

SUN 292

Endocrine Diagnostic Systematic Reviews: An Audit of Methods, Reporting, and Performance
Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla, Naykky Maruquel Singh Ospina, Rene Rodriguez-Gutierrez, Juan Pablo Brito, Patricia J Erwin, Nicole M Iniguez-Ariza, M. Hassan Murad, Shrikant Tamhane and Victor M Montori

SUN 293

Severe Symptomatic Hypokalemia Caused By Oral Administration of Bentonite Cleansing Clay
Erin Smallmon, Mahmood Shahlapour, Edward Markman, Jyothi Punnam and Mohamad Hosam Horani

SUN 294

Lessons Learnt from a Case of Hyponatraemia
Jessie Ruijun Wang and Vinod Patel

SUN 296

Facial Flushing As a Presentation of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: An Overlooked Cause of Spells
Hadoun Jabri, Shailesh Baral, Chaitanya Kumar Mamillapalli and Carmel Maria Fratianni

SUN 297

Flushing Due to Niacin Deficiency in a Patient with Crohn's Disease
Lisa G Newman, Robert J Cohen and Melissa H. Rosen