The Endocrinology Antibody Database is an Excel spreadsheet in which we have collected information on the antibodies used in papers published in Endocrinology from 2013 to 1 September 2016. It is organized alphabetically by the peptide/protein target. Antibodies used in papers published after 1 September 2016 are registered with the Antibody Registry (antibodyregistry.org) and the corresponding antibody Research Resource Identification Initiative numbers are cited.

Endocrinology established a policy in 2013 requiring more rigorous characterization and description of all antibodies published in our papers—see the editorial by Andrea Gore entitled “Antibody Validation Requirements for Articles Published in Endocrinology”. We believe that this is a helpful start for scientists looking to find antibodies for their own purposes. The responsibility for properly identifying and characterizing antibodies is, of course, the scientist's, not the Journal's, and we urge scientists to carefully characterize all antibodies that they use for their research.

We also encourage readers to view the Journal of Comparative Neurology database.