Delbert A. Fisher Research Scholar Award / Clark T. Sawin Memorial History of Endocrinology Lecture

This award is made possible by the generous support of Dr. and Mrs. Delbert A. Fisher, MD. Dr. Fisher is a renowned leader in the development of international neonatal screening programs to detect congenital hypothyroidism. He has made extensive contributions to the advancement of endocrine research and has served the community as a distinguished educator.

Each year, the Delbert A. Fisher Research Scholar Award provides a $2,000 honorarium to a scholar demonstrating exceptional work in the preservation of the history of endocrinology. The scholar also delivers the Clark T. Sawin Memorial History of Endocrinology Lecture at ENDO, the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting, and submits a summary article to be considered for publication in Endocrine News.

The Sawin lecture is one of the highest attended sessions at ENDO. The lecture is intended to be a broad, comprehensive, and scholarly narrative of the history on the chosen topic. Important discoveries, milestones, and significant contributions by those in the field, including the recipient's own work, are outlined and discussed. Personal insights and historical vignettes are encouraged.

The Endocrine Society thanks Dr. and Mrs. Delbert A. Fisher for their generous support, which makes this award possible.

The application period is currently closed. Applications will open in April 2020.

Clark T. Sawin Memorial History of Endocrinology Lectures

Lectures from 2015 to present are available on ENDO Sessions and can be watched, or listened to, by searching that site for "Sawin" or using the links below.

Engineering Reproduction: A Brief History of Reproductive Tissue Transplantation for Endocrine and Fertility Restoration
Teresa K Woodruff, PhD | Watch | Listen

Estrogens Over 90 Years: Discovery, Indications, and Implications
Richard J Santen, MD | Watch | Listen

A Chemist, a Patient and the 1950 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine: The Stories Behind the Stories on Cortisone
William F Young, Jr., MD, MSc | Watch | Listen

A Biographical History of Endocrinology
D. Lynn Loriaux, MD, PHD | Watch | Listen

The History of Gigantism
Márta Korbonits, MD, PhD | Watch | Listen

Eligibility Criteria

All are welcome to apply or nominate.

Application Process

Following the application period, nominations are reviewed by a selection panel comprised of the Chairs of the Annual Meeting Steering Committee. The application requires the following, and each section is limited to 500 words:

  • Applicant name and contact information.
  • Proposed topic and description of the importance in endocrinology and public health.
  • Brief outline of seminal discoveries and milestones in the field.
  • Lessons/insights that ENDO attendees may gain from the topic.
  • If applicable, a description of how the topic relates to the research or clinical interest of the applicant/nominee (if the topic is not a major component of research or practice, please describe the interest or relationship).

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