Our Goal

To improve and protect access to care for transgender patients.

Why We Care

Transgender patients often rely on endocrinologists as important members of their care team. The Endocrine Society advocates for developing evidence-based policies for transgender patients, protecting their access to care, and better funding and research to address transgender health gaps.

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Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say | October 22, 2018 

Endocrine Society member, Dr. Joshua Safer, is interviewed by the New York Times on how other biological factors play into a person's gender identity.

Endocrine Society Hosts Congressional Briefing on Transgender Health | July 2018 

The Endocrine Society hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill titled "Transgender Health: Meeting Patient Needs Through Research and Improved Access to Care." Topics covered included evidenced-based approaches to transgender medicine, current research practices at the NIH around transgender health, what we know, and what gaps remain.

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