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To improve the lives of people with diabetes through support for diabetes research funding and improved clinical care.

Why We Care

Endocrinologists are often on the frontlines of the all-consuming, complex diabetes public health crisis. The Endocrine Society works to make a positive difference in the lives of patients with diabetes, and advocates for access to affordable care and diabetes supplies, and better funding for research focused on diabetes and its comorbidities.

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Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC)

Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition

In response to the active and devastating 2017 hurricane season, the Endocrine Society, along with seven other organizations formed a coalition to coordinate and deliver diabetes supplies to individuals left without access to water and electricity. DDRC members are committed to delivering life-saving medical care and supplies to areas affected by disasters.

For more information on DDRC activities and alerts, please visit our page.

Hypoglycemia Prevention Initiative 


Since 2014, the Endocrine Society has made hypoglycemia a strategic priority, conducting a series of roundtables with key stakeholders from the federal government, provider community, patient advocates, and payers to determine a comprehensive approach to this problem. The Endocrine Society’s Hypoglycemia Prevention Initiative is committed to:

  • Decreasing the population of patients with T2D on insulin and/or SUs who are high risk for hypoglycemia as an ADE, and;
  • Decreasing the frequency and severity of hypoglycemia as an ADE among patients with T2D on insulin and/or SUs who are identified as high risk.

To learn more about HPI’s progress and activities, please visit our page at endocrine.org/hypoprevent


Autoimmune Diabetes Outcomes and Anti-Cancer Agents

In this Endocrine News Podcast Anupam Kotwal talks about his research on the potential for autoimmune diabetes outcomes from novel anti-cancer agents.

The total cost of diabetes and prediabetes in the US is $322 Billion

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