Gerald D Aurbach Award for Outstanding Translational Research

About the Award

Presented in recognition of outstanding research that accelerates the transition of scientific discoveries into clinical applications that improve human health or elucidate the pathogenesis of human disease. Translational research supported with this award will typically involve expertise, collaboration, and engagement across disciplines.

Gerald D. Aurbach, MD, the Endocrine Society’s 68th president, was a renowned researcher, mentor, and clinician, and his work revolutionized the understanding of bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis.

Supported by the Gerald D. Aurbach Memorial Fund

Eligibility Criteria

  • This award is not limited to members of the Endocrine Society

Application Process

Updates to existing nominations must be emailed to

New nominations must be submitted by the primary nominator who is responsible for collecting and merging supporting documents in a single document (PDF or Word) in the order listed below:

  1. 300-word citation (will be published as-is in Endocrine News if the nominee is selected)
  2. Letter of Support (1 page each, no more than 2)
  3. List of 10 Most Significant Publications
  4. CV (abbreviated versions will not be accepted)

Submit a Nomination


Please contact the Endocrine Society with questions at +1.202.971.3636 or 1-888.363.6762 toll free (in the United States or Canada) or email

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