Laureate Award Winners

For more than 70 years, the Endocrine Society has recognized the meritorious achievements of endocrine researchers and clinicians worldwide. These awards recognize endocrinologists for seminal research, meritorious service, leadership and mentorship, innovation, international contributions, public service, translation of science to practice, and lifetime achievement.

We celebrate these winners below, for information on nominating a deserving endocrinologist, and to learn more about these awards, please visit our Laureate Awards nomination page.

Current Laureate Awards

The Fred Conrad Koch Lifetime Achievement Award—the Society’s highest honor—recognizes the lifetime achievements and exceptional contributions of an individual to the field of endocrinology.

2019Edward M. Brown, MDBrigham and Women's Hospital
2018Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, MDUniversity of California San Diego School of Medicine
2017Walter L. Miller, MDUniversity of California San Francisco
2016Benita Katzenellenbogen, PhDUniversity of Illinois
2016John Katzenellenbogen, PhDUniversity of Illinois
2015Andrzej Bartke, MS, PhDSouthern Illinois University School of Medicine
2014George P. Chrousos, MDAthens University Medical School, Aghia Sophia Children's Hospital
2013Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, DScUniversity of Virginia
2012Samuel Refetoff, MDUniversity of Chicago
2011Pierre Chambon, MDInstitut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire
2010Kathryn B. Horwitz, PhDUniversity of Colorado at Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
2009J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhDNorthwestern University Medical School
2008P. Reed Larsen, MD, FACP, FRCPHarvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital
2007John D. Baxter, MDUniversity of California - San Francisco
2006Gerald M. Reaven, MDJoslin Diabetes Center, Boston
2005William F. Crowley, Jr., MDMassachusetts General Hospital
2004Patricia K. Donahoe, MDMassachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Medical School
2003Maria I. New, MDNew York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical School
2002Jan-Ake Gustafsson, MD, PhDF60 NOVUM - Huddinge Hospital, Sweden
2001Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD 
2000C. Ronald Kahn, MDJoslin Diabetes Center
1999Michael G. Rosenfeld, MD 
1999Ronald M. Evans, PhD 
1998Anthony R. Means, PhD 
1997Wylie W. Vale, PhD 
1996Roy Hertz, MS, MPH, DSc, MD, PhD 
1995Jack Gorski 
1994Susan E. Leeman, PhD 
1993Jean D. Wilson, MD 
1992Melvin M. Grumbach, MD 
1992Selna L. Kaplan, MD, PhD 
1991John T. Potts, Jr., MD 
1990Donald F. Steiner, MD 
1989Judson J. Van Wyk, MD 
1988Bert O'Malley, MD 
1987Henry G. Friesen, FRCP, MD 
1986Stanley Cohen 
1985Jesse Roth, MD 
1984Elwood V. Jensen, PhD 
1983Roger H. Unger, MD 
1982Ernst Knobil, PhD, DSc 
1981Choh Hao Li 
1980Berta Scharrer 
1979Samuel M. McCann, MD 
1978Frederic C. Bartter 
1977Griff T. Ross 
1976Paul L. Munson, MA, PhD 
1975William H. Daughaday, MD 
1974Alexander Albert 
1973Charles H. Sawyer, DSc, PhD 
1973John W. Everett 
1972Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD 
1972Solomon A. Berson 
1971Roy O. Greep 
1970Seymour Lieberman 
1969Robert W. Bates 
1968Roland K. Meyer 
1967Edwin B. Astwood 
1966Harold L. Mason 
1965T. F. Gallagher 
1964Leo T Samuels 
1963D. J. Ingle 
1962Eleanore H. Venning 
1961Lawson Wilkins 
1960Emil Witschi 
1959Wilbur W. Swingle 

Presented in recognition of outstanding research that accelerates the transition of scientific discoveries into clinical applications that improve human health or elucidate the pathogenesis of human disease. Translational research supported with this award will typically involve expertise, collaboration, and engagement across disciplines.

2019Helen H. Hobbs, MDUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
2018V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DScUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
2017Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhDUniversity of Michigan
2016Steven Grinspoon, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
2015Robert M. Neer, MDMassachusetts General Hospital

Supported by the Gerald D. Aurbach Memorial Fund.

Presented to an endocrinologist who resides outside of the United States and has made exceptional contributions to the field of endocrinology in geographic areas with underdeveloped resources for endocrine research, education, clinical practice, or administration. These may include non-traditional activities with substantial local impact to his/her own country and/or internationally.

2019Ana Claudia Latronico, MD, PhDSao Paulo Medical School, Sao Paulo University
2018Paul M. Stewart, MD, FRCP, FMedSciUniversity of Leeds
2017Chandrika Wijeyaratne, DM, MDUniversity of Colombo
2016Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, MD, MPHAmerican University of Beirut Medical Center
2015Susan R. Davis, MBBS, FRACP, PhDMonash University
2014Yutaka Seino, MDKansai Electric Power Hospital
2013Berenice Bilharinho de Mendonca, MDSchool of Medicine, Sao Paulo University

Presented to an internationally-recognized clinical investigator for meritorious contributions to clinical research related to pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and therapy of endocrine diseases.

2019Wiebke Arlt, MD, DSc, FRCP, FMedSciUniversity of Birmingham
2018Christos Mantzoros, MD, DSc, PhD, hc multHarvard University
2017Joel Finkelstein, MS, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
2016Robert Eckel, MDUniversity of Colorado
2015Shalender Bhasin, MDBrigham and Women's Hospital
2014James A. Fagin, MDMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
2013Steven E. Kahn, MB, ChBVA Puget Sound Health Care System, University of Washington
2012Gerald I. Shulman, MD, PhDYale University, New Haven, Connecticut
2011Andrew Hattersley, DM, FRCP, FRSPeninsula Medical School, United Kingdom
2010Sundeep Khosla, MDMayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota
2009Daniel J. Drucker, MDMt. Sinai Hospital, Toronot, Canada
2008John C. Marshall, MD, PhDUniversity of Virginia Health System
2007Stephen O'Rahilly, MD, FRSUniversity of Cambridge, United Kingdom
2006Walter L. Miller, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco, California
2005Paul M. Stewart, MD, FRCPUniversity of Birmingham, United Kingdom
2004Shlomo Melmed, MDCedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
2003Elizabeth L. Barrett-Connor, MDUniversity of California, San Diego, California
2002Anne Klibanski, MDMassachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
2001Zvi Laron, MD 
2000William F. Crowley, Jr., MD 
1999Stephen J. Marx, MD 
1998Cyril Y. Bowers, MD 
1997George P. Chrousos, MD, DSc 
1996Andrea E. Dunaif, MD 
1995Maria I. New, MD 
1994Samuel Refetoff, MD 
1993William McGuire 
1992Samuel S. C. Yen, MD, DSc 
1991Lawrence A. Frohman, MD 
1990J. Maxwell McKenzie 
1989B. Lawrence Riggs 
1988Philip E. Cryer, MD 

Presented to an internationally-recognized clinical investigator for meritorious contributions to clinical research related to pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and therapy of endocrine diseases.

2019James W. Findling, MDMedical College of Wisconsin
2018Marcello D. Bronstein, MD, PhDHospital das Clinicas, University of S. Paulo, Endoclinica de S. Paulo
2017Daniel Einhorn, MD, FACE, FACPDiabetes and Endocrine Associates
2016M. Carol Greenlee, MDWestern Slope Endocrinology
2015Susan A. Sherman, MDAurora Medical Associates, PC
2014Paul M. Copeland, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
2013Steven B. Nagelberg, MDEndocrine Metabolic Associates

Presented in recognition of exceptional achievement as an educator in the discipline of endocrinology and metabolism.

2019Kenneth D. Burman, MDMedStar Washington Hospital Center
2018Carolyn Becker, MDBrigham and Women's Hospital
2017Laurence Katznelson, MDStanford University
2016Steven Anderson, PhDUniversity of Colorado
2015Anne M. Etgen, PhDAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
2014John P. Bilezikian, MDColumbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
2013Mark E. Molitch, MDNorthwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
2012Francis S. Greenspan, MD, Clinical Professor EmeritusUniversity of California, San Francisco
2011Susan J. Mandel, MD, MPHUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
2010Janet A. Schlechte, MDUniversity of Iowa
2009Arthur Gutierrez-Hartman, MDUniversity of Colorado Health Sciences Center
2008Ronald S. Swerdloff, MDHarbor UCLA Medical Center, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
2007Kenneth L. Becker, MD, PhDGeorge Washington University
2006Gilbert H. Daniels, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
2005Ernest L. Mazzaferri, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
2004E. Brad Thompson, MDUniversity of Texas Medical Branch
2003Leslie J. DeGroot, MDUniversity of Chicago
2002William F. Ganong, MDNorthwestern University
2001Leonard Wartofsky, MD, MACPWashington Hospital Center
2000Stanley G. Korenman, MDUCLA School of Medicine
1999Daniel D. Federman, MD
1998Neena B. Schwartz, PhD

This award is presented to recognize an individual or team of people who have demonstrated innovation to further endocrine research or practice in support of the field of endocrinology, patients, and society at large.

2019John J. Kopchick, PhDOhio University at the Edison Biotechnology Institute and Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
2018Barry Komm, PhD
2017Matthias Tschop, MDDeutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt
2016Richard Heyman, PhDMetacrine, Inc.
2015Bert W. O'Malley, MDBaylor College of Medicine

Presented in recognition of outstanding leadership in fundamental or clinical endocrinology as exemplified by the recipient’s contributions and those of his or her trainees and associates to teaching, research, and/or administration.

2019William F. Young, Jr., MD, MScMayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
2018Lawrence A. Frohman, MDUniversity of Chicago at Illinois
2017Teresa K. Woodruff, PhDNorthwestern University
2016Anthony Means, PhDBaylor College of Medicine
2015Robert M. Carey, MD, MACPUniversity of Virginia Health System
2014Leslie J. DeGroot, MDUniversity of Rhode Island
2013John W. Funder, MD, PhDPrince Henry's Institute of Medical Research
2012 Leonard Wartofsky, MD, MACPWashington Hospital Center, Department of Medicine
2011Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, MDUniversity of Michigan
2010Bert W. O'Malley, MDBaylor College of Medicine
2009E. Chester Ridgway, MDUniversity of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center
2008Ron G. Rosenfeld, MDLucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health
2007Lewis E. Braverman, MDBoston University School of Medicine
2006Richard J. Santen, MDUniversity of Virginia Health System
2005Gordon H. Williams, MDHarvard Medical School
2004David M. de Kretser, MDMonash Medical Centre, Australia
2003Armen H. Tashjian, Jr., MDHarvard School of Public Health
2002Samuel Refetoff, MDUniversity of Chicago
2001Jesse Roth, MD
2000William W. Chin, MDLilly Research Labs
1999Joel F. Habener, MDHarvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Hospital; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
1998Delbert A. Fisher, MD
1997Hiroo Imura, MD
1996Isidore Edelman, MD
1995David N. Orth, MD
1994Robert M. Blizzard, MD
1993Willard P. Vander Laan, MD
1992Claude Migeon, MD
1991William D. Odell, PhD, MD, MACP
1990Louis V. Avioli, MD, FACE
1989David H. Solomon, MD
1988Maria I. New, MD
1987Jack Gorski, MS, PhD
1986Seymour Reichlin, MD, PhD, MACP
1985Neena B. Schwartz, PhD
1984Robert J. Ryan, MD
1983Joseph E. Rall, MD, PhD, DSc
1982G. Donald Whedon, MD
1981Joseph Meites, PhD
1980Melvin H. Grumbach, MD
1979Sidney H. Ingbar
1978Roy O. Greep
1977Alfred E. Wilhelmi
1976Mortimer B. Lipsett
1975Edwin B. Astwood
1974Andrew V. Nalbandov
1973John S. L. Browne
1972Robert H. Williams
1971Grant W. Liddle

This award is presented to an individual in recognition of his/her career commitment to mentoring, for making a significant positive impact on his/her mentees' education and career, and for advancing research or patient care in the field of endocrinology through his/her mentees. The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to, nurturing intellectual growth, career development, professional guidance, and positive role modeling.

2019Dolores J. Lamb, PhD, HCLD (ABB)Weill Cornell Medicine
2018Joel F. Habener, MDMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2017Margaret Wierman, MDUniversity of Colorado
2016Nanette Santoro, MDUniversity of Colorado
2015Anne Klibanski, MDMassachusetts General Hospital

This award is presented to an individual who best demonstrates dedication to public awareness or public service in support of the field of endocrinology, and the patients who suffer from endocrine disorders.

2018Irl B. Hirsch, MDUniversity of Washington School of Medicine
2017Larry Bowers, PhDUS Anti-Doping Agency
2016Andrea Gore, PhDUniversity of Austin
2016Jean Pierre Bourguignon, MD, PhDUniversity of Liege
2016John Peterson MyersEnvironmental Health Sciences
2016R. Thomas Zoeller, MS, PhDUniversity of Massachusetts
2015Valeria Guimaraes, MD, PhD, FACEENNE

Presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the practice of clinical endocrinology in an academic setting.

2019Ian D. Hay, MD, PhDMayo Clinic
2018Shlomo Melmed, MDCedars-Sinai Medical Center
2017Rebecca Bahn, MD, FRCPIMayo Clinic
2016David S. Cooper, MDJohns Hopkins University
2015Douglas S. Ross, MS, MDMassachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
2014Robert G. Dluhy, MDBrigham & Women's Hospital
2013Michael T. McDermott, MDUniversity of Colorado Hospital
2012John A.H. Wass, MA, MD, FRCPChurchill Hospital, United Kingdom
2011William F. Young, Jr., MD, MScMayo Clinic
2010Hossein Gharib, MD, MACP, MACE Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
2009Lynnette Kaye Nieman, MDNICHD, National Institutes of Health
2008F. John Service, MD, CM, PhDMayo Clinic College of Medicine
2007Bernardo L. Wajchenberg, MDHospital das Clinicas Universidad Sao Paulo, Brazil
2006Glenn D. Braunstein, MDCedars-Sinai Medical Center
2005Robert M. Carey, MACP, MDUniversity of Virginia School of Medicine
2004Edward S. Horton, MDJoslin Diabetes Center
2003Arlan L. Rosenbloom, MDUniversity of Florida, Childrens Medical Service Center
2002Lisa H. Fish, MDPark Nicollet
2001Robert A. Kreisberg, MD
2000Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, DScUniversity of Virginia Health System
1999Henry G. Burger, MDPrince Henry's Institute, Australia
1998John P. Bilezikian, MDColumbia University, New York

Presented for meritorious contributions to research in endocrinology.

2019Cheryl Lyn Walker, PhDBaylor College of Medicine
2018Robert V. Farese, Jr., MDHarvard Medical School
2017Klaus Kaestner, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
2016Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhDColumbia University
2015Gokhan S. Hotamisligil, MD, PhDHarvard School of Public Health
2014David M. Altshuler, MD, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
2013Donald P. McDonnell, PhDDuke University of Medicine
2012Carol A. Lange, PhDUniversity of Minnesota
2011Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhDUniversity of California, Irvine
2010Martin M. Matzuk, MD, PhDBaylor College of Medicine
2009Fred J. Karsch, PhDUniversity of Michigan
2008Nancy Lynn Weigel, PhDBaylor College of Medicine
2007Sally A. Camper, PhDUniversity of Michigan Medical School
2006Benita Katzenellenbogen, PhDUniversity of Illinois
2006John Katzenellenbogen, PhDUniversity of Illinois
2005Evan R. Simpson, PhDPrince Henry's Institute of Medical Research
2004Phyllis M. Wise, PhDUniversity of California
2003Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhDHoward Hughes Medical Institute, Yale University School of Medicine
2002Aaron J. W. Hsueh, PhDStanford University School of Medicine
2001Carole R. Mendelson, PhD
2000Christin Carter-Su, PhDUniversity of Michigan Medical School
1999Ernst Knobil, PhD, DSc

Supported by the Roy O. Greep Memorial Fund.

Presented to an exceptionally promising young clinical or basic investigator who has not reached the age of 50 by December 31 of the year in which the award is presented. The award is based upon the contributions and achievements of the nominee’s own independent scholarship performed after completion of formal training and on the recipient’s entire body of work, rather than a single work.

2019Patrick Seale, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
2018Gregory Steinberg, PhDMcMaster University
2017Nima Sharifi, MDCleveland Clinic
2016X. Shirley Liu, PhDDana-Farber Cancer Institute
2015Ajay Chawla, MD, PhDUniversity of California San Francisco
2014Antonio Moschetta, MD, PhDUniversity of Bari - Giovanni Paolo II National Cancer Institute, Bari, Italy
2013Tony K. T. Lam, PhDToronto General Research Institute & University of Toronto
2012Manuel Tena-Sempere, MD, PhDUniversity of Cordoba
2011Tracy L. Bale, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania Department of Animal Biology
2010Mark O. Goodarzi, MD, PhDCedars-Sinai Medical Center
2009Karen E. Knudsen, PhDThomas Jefferson University, Kimmel Cancer Center
2008Tannishtha Reya, PhDDuke University Medical Center
2007W. Lee Kraus, PhDCornell University
2006Fabio Broglio, MDUniversity of Turin
2005Peter J. Tontonoz, MDHoward Hughes Medical Institute, University of California - Los Angeles
2004Tso-Pang Yao, PhDDuke University
2003Ana C. Latronico, MD, PhDHospital das Clincas da Fac de Medicine, Brazil
2002Jonathan Lee Tilly, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2001 Jiemin Wong, PhD
2000Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD
1999Jacques Simard, MS, PhD
1998David J. Mangelsdorf, PhD
1997Donald P. McDonnell, PhD
1996Martin M. Matzuk, MD, PhD
1995Mitchell A. Lazar, MD, PhD
1994Frederic E. Wondisford, MD
1993Daniel Drucker, MD

Presented in recognition of distinguished service to the Endocrine Society and the field of endocrinology.

2019Carole R. Mendelson, PhDUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
2018Leonard Wartofsky, MD, MACPMedStar Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University School of Medicine
2017Janet E. Hall, MSc, MDNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
2016Dolores Shoback, MDUCSF/VA Medical Center
2015Diane M. Robins, PhDUniversity of Michigan
2014Elliot J. Rayfield, MDMount Sinai School of Medicine
2013Irving M. Spitz, MD, DSc, FRCPBen Gurion University of the Negev; Weill Cornell Medical College
2012Alvin M. Matsumoto, MDVA Puget Sound Health Care System
2011John H. Nilson, PhDWashington State University School of Molecular Bioscience
2010Martin I. Surks, MD, MACPMontefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
2009Margaret E. Wierman, MDUniversity of Colorado Health Sciences Center
2008Lisa H. Fish, MDPark Nicollet Clinic
2007Robert A. Vigersky, MDWalter Reed Army Medical Center
2006Robert D. Utiger, MDBrigham and Women's Hospital
2005P. Michael Conn, PhDOregon Health & Science University
2004Margaret A. Shupnik, PhDUniversity of Virginia Medical Center
2003Robert B. Jaffe, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco
2002John W. Funder, MD, PhDBaker Medical Research Institute, Australia
2001Janet Schlechte, MD University of Iowa School of Medicine
2000Frank Talamantes, PhDUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
1999M. Susan Smith, MS, PhDOregon Regional Primate Research Center
1998Philip F. Smith, PhD
1998Phillip Gorden, MD
1998Ronald N. Margolis, BSc, PhD
1997William Rosner, MD
1996C. Wayne Bardin, MS, DSc, MD
1995Jacob Robbins, MD
1995Joseph Edward Rall, MD, PhD, DSc
1994Jean Rivier, PhD
1994Maurice Manning, MS, PhD, DSc
1994Nicholas C. Ling, PhD
1993Gabriel Bialy
1991Frankie L. Trull
1990Nettie C. Karpin
1990Robert A. Tolman, MA, PhD
1989Hilton A. Salhanik
1988Travel Grants for the 8th International Congress
1987Selna L. Kaplan, MD, PhD
1986Nicholas P. Christy, MD
1985Alfred E. Wilhelmi
1984Travel Grants for the 7th International Congress
1983Gordon D. Niswender, MS, PhD
1982Claude J. Migeon, MD
1981David Rodbard, MD
1980Travel Grants for the 6th International Congress
1979Albert F. Parlow, PhD
1978Darrell N. Ward, PhD
1978Harold Papkoff, PhD
1977A. Rees Midgley, Jr., MD
1976Travel Grants for the 5th International Congress
1975Maurice Raben
1974G. Donald Whedon, MD
1974Morris M. Graff
1974Robert Towner Hill
1973Robert M. Blizzard, MD
1972Travel Grants for the 4th International Congress
1971Leo E. Reichert, Jr., MD, PhD
1970Andrew V. Schally, MD, PhD
1970Roger Guillemin, MD, PhD
1969Richard E. Bailey, MD
1967Murray Saffran, MS, PhD
1966David Coleman
1963Mamoru Watanabe, MD, PhD
1962Frank Magill
1961J. M. Mckenzie, MBBS, MD
1959Henry Boright
1958Eugene Spaziani, PhD, BS, MA
1957Giovanni Costa
1952John C. Laidlow
1950Lawrence E. Shulman
1949Ernest M. Brown
1948Ernest M. Brown
1947Samuel Dvoskin

Supported by the Sidney H. Ingbar Memorial Fund.

Retired Laureate Awards (no longer accepting nominations)